‘The Bachelorette’ Emily Maynard is fighting with Ricky Hendrick’s parents

UsWeekly is claiming that Emily Maynard is on the outs with Little Ricki’s grandparents (the parents of her deceased ex-fiance Ricky Hendrick) over her decision to be on The Bachelorette, and sources paint the show’s lead as a bit of a diva.

An insider told UsWeekly: “When Emily went on , they weren’t pleased, but theysupported her, but after Maynard, 26, signed up to give reality show romance another shot as the Bachelorette, Hendrick’s parents were “livid.”

The source goes on to say:

“Now they’re not speaking. They don’t want their grandchild in the spotlight. They are private people.”

Chris Harrison told us before the show premiered that getting Emily to agree to do the show was the hard part because of her daughter.

Apparently the decision to film the show in her hometown of Charlotte, NC — rather than in L.A.– was done to pacify her in-laws. “They didn’t want Ricki uprooted,” the insider explains. “They also wanted Ricki kept out of the spotlight, not exploited.”

Wow! I can’t imagine why any grandparent wouldn’t want to see their 6-year-old grandchild on a primetime reality TV dating show!

The insiders also claim “the West Virginia native isn’t the same sweet girl she was pre-Bachelor” — apparently alluding to the “work” she had done before going on the show. The Bachelorette reportedly got breast implants, veneers and a reported nose job prior to filming Brad Womack’s season.

Wow! We knew there was clearly a set of veneers involved but breast implants and a nose job!

The source claimed “she got difficult,” after the split with Brad and after signing the contract to be the Bachelorette, “She knew she was the star, so she became a bit of a diva.”

“She is painted in this Mother Teresa light. She is a nice girl, but she isn’t as good as she’s made out to be.”


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