The “Tierrable” Tierra LiCausi Situation

Fellow Sean Lowe suitor Catherine Giudici summed up The Tierra LiCausi Situation best when she coined the term “Tierrable” during last week’s episode of The Bachelor.

Tierra has quickly become this season’s number one fan un-favorite. And, for good reason. She’s even being compared to the likes of Bachelor Villainess Extraordinaire Courtney Robertson, Bachelor Ben Flajnik’s “winning” short-timer fiancee. I mean, that’s when you for sure know it’s a situation!!

Let’s take a look at the Tierra LiCausi Situation thus far:

Tierra-on-stretcherFirst, SHE THREW HERSELF DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS FOR LOVE. Second, SHE THREW HERSELF DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS FOR LOVE. I mean, seriously! It really doesn’t get any more amazing than that. Or, so we thought.

What I can’t wait for is tonight’s Tierra Drama to unfold because if the previews prove correct, it looks like she’s going to be showcasing the first-ever case of Bikini-Clad Hypothermia in Bachelor history. Smeared mascara and all. The things these amazing ladies will do for love!!

I have to admit that Tierra also frightens me because she keeps telling Sean she’s super emotional and attaches herself to people. And now, after last night’s episode, we know she attached herself (allegedly) to a since deceased addict of a boyfriend. That kind of situation ain’t no laughing matter, but it does throw some serious red flags in the whole finding your soul mate on national television race. The girl just needs to pause for a couple of beats and figure some stuff out it seems.

But – it does make for some amazing television. That’s for sure.

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7 thoughts on “The “Tierrable” Tierra LiCausi Situation”

  1. So sorry, because she appeared to be a fan fave, but I think there is one more BPD, and that is AshLee Frazier. Her shift to absolute hatred (thinly veiled on “The Women Tell All”) when rejected, along with the outlandish lies she was telling on the show regarding Sean’s having said he didn’t care a thing about the other women — wow, scary! Sean dodged a serious bullet with AshLee. I sympathize with her, of course, but she’s a classic and with good reason — rejection/abandonment by both parents in infancy. I hope AshLee gets therapy, at least. BPD gets harder and harder to treat with age.

  2. Dani, we love an arm-chair diagnosis!!! Yes if you have read about BPD you can spot it a mile away. Courtney Robertson was clearly BPD and must have a history of abuse. Tierra is also pretty classic BPD. I gotta think at this point producers are making Sean keep Tierra because unlike Ben Sean isnt attracted to drama at all.

  3. From the very first meltdown, I had Tierra armchair- diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Reminds me of my husband’s ex, who about drove me to certifiable status, until I was given a book about…the “condition.” And realized she can’t help it that she is completely incapable of rational thought. And she will always be that way, Sean! No fixing this little wounded bird! Gotta realize you need help before you can get any, and this kind of Crazy thinks she is the only one who DOESN’T have a problem. Just walk away, Sean, walk away.


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