Sean Lowe picks Catherine Giudici!!!

Sean Lowe just completed his 9 week journey to find love on The Bachelor finale. The show begins in Thailand where the two final amazing ladies await Sean’s final rose.

Sean’s family, mom Sherry, dad Jay, sister Shay, her husband and their two kids arrived in Thailand tonight to help him make his last minute decision (we love that the decision is ALWAYS last minute.)

“They’re both hilarious. Fun to be around,” Sean says. His mom told Sean she figured he must “already know” which woman he’s thinking of as his favorite.

“You’d think that,” said Sean. “But I don’t.”

Sean’s family is definitely putting a lot of pressure on Sean tonight. He recently  revealed in the interview that his family had some serious reservations even before he even signed up for Emily Maynard’s season of “The Bachelorette,” doubting whether or not this process would actually work (We still don’t understand how family members can have doubts about a loved one finding love in 9 weeks on reality Television):

“[My mom] thought that there’s no way that I’m going to find love on a reality show. She thought that I might be portrayed in some way that’s not who I am.”

The show was definitely intense and nerve-racking. where the show’s big ending had been taped. Hollywood Reporter recently about the tough situation:

“It’s always awkward to face your exes, especially to face someone that had such strong feelings for you and thought they were going to spend the rest of their life with you.”

 Us Weekly sources are also weighing in on Sean’s big decision saying the 29-year-old fitness model was very serious about his feelings, and was a ball of nerves by the time the morning of the proposal rolled around.

“Even on the morning of the proposal, he was still thinking about what to do”

Sean, 29, from Dallas, has to choose between two finalists — Catherine Giudici, 26, a graphic designer from Seattle, and Lindsay Yenter, 24, a substitute teacher from Fort Bragg, N.C. and as usual Sean claims he has no clue who he is going to pick!!!

Catherine admits she was “very, very skeptical in the beginning” of the whole experience. But “I’m very grateful I got to meet him and he’s taught me a lot about myself.”

Sean’s mom  takes Catherine away for some one on one time–we love the parent future fiance one-on-one! Catherine tells her that Sean was passing her notes since the third week. “Is it love?” asks Sean’s mom Sherry. “At this point all I can think about is the future with him. I’m so ready and excited,” said Catherine.

“I’m consumed by him,” Catherine tells Sean’s dad–boy is that an understatement. This girl wants to get Sean alone in the Fantasy Suite! “Our time together is just laughing.”

Sean’s Dad says, “If it’s you that Sean ends up marrying, you will never have a bigger fan than me. And that’s the truth, OK? I’ll love ya like my daughter.” The mom doesn’t seem so thrilled to say the least.

Then Lindsay enters the scene and Sean’s Dad takes Lindsay off for some private time. He asks, “How do you know that’s you’re truly in love before you get married?” Says Lindsay, “I just know. I want to hang out with him for the rest of my life. He gets me. He is so supportive. He makes me feel beautiful.”

Sean’s dad tells her that he and his wife have been “praying” for Sean’s wife since the day he was born!!! (Finally we hear a bit about Jesus and religion), Jay goes on to say, “Sometimes you wonder when you look in someone’s eyes – like yours, ‘Is that the one I’ve been praying for all these years?;” It brought tears to Lindsay’s eyes. “If it is,” said Jay. “I couldn’t be more happy.” Good God what a tough position for any parent.

The family appears to LOVE Lindsay. One has to wonder if the family already knew he was gonna choose Catherine at that point and that’s why his mom was getting so emotional.

Lindsay also got emotional talking to Sean’s mom Sherry, saying that she and Sean “have the best time being goofy but when it comes time to being serious we can be serious. … We want to wait until we’re married to live together. We want to be able to communicate well with each other. And have our family be a big part of our lives.”

Sherry was pleased to hear the two “share the same values” and told her, “You’re a wonderful, sweet young woman.” One also has to wonder if Catherine is religious or not and if that is the reason the parents don’t seem so thrilled with her for Sean. I am guessing Catherine is not religious at all.

sean-lowe-catherine-elephantCatherine’s sends Sean a heartfelt letter that seals the deal. And Sean wakes up the morning of the last day with the TOTAL clarity he has been praying for! In typical Bachelor fashion the producers make us think Lindsay wins the final rose but, as we see the landing gear land and Lindsay emerge from the limo we know…

For the first time we see Sean cry as he has to let Lindsay go. It is heart-wrenching!!!! Lindsay ditches her 6 inch heels the second Sean drops the bomb on her–a moment the audience loves.

She comments about how painful the experience is and asks for an explanation! If you haven’t seen the finale get your tissues ready. It will rip your heart out.

But alas Catherine emerges from the limo right as the sun is about to set (which if she has seen the show she knows is a good sign). Sean delivers a beautiful diatribe about his love for Catherine, he delivers the coveted Neil Lane engagement ring and the two ride off on a giant elephant into the sunset.

God we LOVE the Bachelor!!!!




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