Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber update: wedding plans

Brad Smith and his fiancée Bianka Kamber have decided on a date for their wedding. One thing we loved about Bachelor Canada is that Brad moved in with Bianka’s family immediately after the engagement — so Canadian!!

So in an interview in the Calgary Herald from Kamber’s parents’ Mississauga home Brad announced:

“We are officially setting our intention to do it in June of next year.”

In regards to the wedding location and whether it would be in an exotic location Bianka Kamber said this:

“No, we will do it here. I have so much family here. I want everybody to be able to come.”

The two have been anxious to make it official ever since the televised finale.

“I’d rather do it sooner, but it would be just too much of a rush,” Smith says. “I realized in the Croatian culture, you have about 94 parties leading up to the wedding.”

More on Brad and Bianka here!!

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