Who is Caroline Fleming’s ex husband?

Who is Caroline Fleming’s ex husband?

Caroline Fleming is the latest amazing lady to join the cast of Bravo’s Ladies of London and she has quite an impressive pedigree. Caroline was the daughter of Baron Niels Luel-Brockdorffthe and the “holder” of Valdemar Castle from 2003-2011. But she was also married to ex husband and multi-millionaire Rory Fleming.


Rory David Fleming, 46 is the son of Robert Fleming and Victoria Margaret Aykroyd, and the grandson of British merchant banker and rower in the 1912 Summer Olympics, Philip Fleming.

And Rory is also the nephew and heir of James Bond creator Ian Fleming.

He belongs to the fourth richest family in England.

His massive fortune stems from his family’s private bank Fleming Family & Partners, headed by his father.

The family’s worth is estimated at £1.05billion.

Rory met ex wife Caroline in England and they married at Valdemar’s Castle on October 13th 2001. While they were married they split their time between their penthouse home in London, Valdemar’s Castle in Denmark, and their place in the Swiss Alps.

Interestingly when the 2 divorced in 2008 after 6 years Rory was unconcerned about losing half of his fortune to Caroline.The two have two children together: Josephine Margaretha Victoria Fleming, 8 and Alexander William Fleming, 11.

UPDATE: October 5th, 2015: Caroline just confessed to her therapist that she currently has a younger boyfriend.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Caroline has dated much younger men in the past.

Photo Source: Bravo

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