Tierra LiCausi engagement ends

Tierra LiCausi shocked Bachelor fans by getting engaged a mere 7 days after she was rejected on the show. Tierra tweeted a pic revealing her engagement ring days later to fiance Tyler. But apparently the Reality star/amazing dramatic actress who THREW HERSELF DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS FOR LOVE for Sean Lowe has ended her engagement to her … Read more

Ashlee Frazier questions Tierra LiCausi’s engagement

The news of The Bachelor contestant Tierra LiCausi’s sudden engagement shocked the world last week. It was literally a few days after being booted on the show which translates to a few months (weeks really) real time. So it’s no surprise that Bachelor opponent AshLee Frazier is stunned AshLee, 32, told reporters Thursday during a conference call: “If … Read more

Tierra LiCausi engaged!

Well less than 7 days after getting the boot from The Bachelor, Bachelor villian 24-year-old Tierra LiCausi is engaged! Fans were shocked to see her Twitter pic revealing an engagement ring on her finger earlier today. The Reality star/amazing dramatic actress stunned fans a few weeks ago when SHE THREW HERSELF DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS … Read more

Poll: What do you think is wrong with Tierra LiCausi?

Tierra has captivated Bachelor fans with her obsessive, slightly emotionally unstable, possibly bat-sh!t crazy behavior this season. I mean SHE DID THROW HERSELF DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS FOR LOVE. So last season we had a “What is wrong with Courtney Robertson?” poll where over a thousand people voted and declared Courtney to be suffering … Read more

The “Tierrable” Tierra LiCausi Situation

Tierra LiCausi The Bachelor

Fellow Sean Lowe suitor Catherine Giudici summed up The Tierra LiCausi Situation best when she coined the term “Tierrable” during last week’s episode of The Bachelor. Tierra has quickly become this season’s number one fan un-favorite. And, for good reason. She’s even being compared to the likes of Bachelor Villainess Extraordinaire Courtney Robertson, Bachelor Ben … Read more

Serious situation: Tierra LiCausi falls down stairs

We definitely love it when things “get real” on The Bachelor, especially when the cameramen and boom mic operators break the 4th wall of Television and have to enter frame to deal with a serious breaking situation. So tonight we got just that (although we don’t want anyone to get injured) when Tierra LiCausi, the 24-year-old … Read more

Bachelor Sean Lowe’s ladies: Tierra LiCausi Bio, Photos

The Basics: Name: Tierra LiCausi Age: 24 Occupation: Leasing Consultant Hometown: Las Vegas, NV; now living in Colorado Twitter account: TBD   ABC’s Official Amazing Lady Questions: If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be and why? My future soul-mate!  I just want to meet him already.  Someone who it is … Read more

Sean Lowe talks Tierra and other cringe-worthy situations on the Bachelor

As the Final Rose ceremony approaches we are dying to hear about the  awkward and cringe-worthy moments Sean had to endure on his 9 week journey to find love. Recently Sean Lowe spoke to Pop Sugar about some of the most awkward moments of the Bachelor and moments he regrets. He also addresses our favorite … Read more

The Tierra dumping situation on ABC News

Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelor” shocked us fans when troubled/emotionally unstable/possibly crazy Tierra LiCausi was sent home pre-rose ceremony. The amazing ladies headed to romantic St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. AshLee Frazier, decided to let Sean in on the Tierra situations. She told Sean Tierra didn’t get along with the other women. Sean seems oddly confused … Read more

Ashlee Frazier tries to warn Sean Lowe about Tierra

Ashlee Frazier, The Bachelor, Sean Lowe

On Monday, Feb. 11 episode of ABC’s Bachelor we will finally see someone come to Sean to warn him about Tierra’s emotionally unstable behavior. Ashlee Frazier, the 32-year-old professional organizer from Houston Texas addresses the delicate situation during a sunset beach one-on-one. Unlike Ben’s season where we witnessed many one-on-one sit-down attempts to warn Ben about … Read more