Jackie Bonds and Marshall Glaze fight over the return of Josh Demas

Season 4 of Love is Blind is definitely not proving that Love IS blind because most of the contestants are not vibing with their chosen fiancés after they meet in person. One of those couples is Jackie Bonds and Marshall Glaze. Jackie is clearly attracted to bad boys and Marshall clearly is not a bad boy. He is clean cut, very loyal, and very sensitive. (maybe gay). Its clear that he takes the challenge of finding a life partner on a reality show very very seriously.

Right away Marshall asks Jackie “what the rules are”….which does not bode well, nor does the pirouette Marshall did when they finally met in person.

So it’s really not a shock that in Episode 8 we learn that Jackie and Marshall still have not had sex yet because Marshall doesn’t appear to feel safe.

In their hotel room in Mexico Jackie laments: “we dont have sex bro. we dont have sex. Im just sayin; do something…like try and get me in the mood or something. You’re never aggressive”…to which sensitive Marshall replies: “that’s just not who I am”.

I think straight is just not who he is either but he just hasn’t figured it out yet.

Poor, sweet Marshall. I suspect he has been dreaming of his wedding since he was a little boy. I bet he even travels everywhere with an engagement ring in his pocket just in case he finds that special safe lady. And instead in the Pods he found Jackie, who is clearly not that special safe lady and is clearly frustrated with the relationship from day one.

Episode 8 LiB producers decide to shake things up as they can clearly see the writing on the wall and they want to see if they can turn these lemons in to some lemonade. So they bring back her runner up, Josh Demas, 31, at the a cast party.

The 31-year-old project engineer sits down with Jackie and tells her, “If you don’t feel like heart-to-heart, you’re really gonna marry him, pick me.”

The episode ends as Josh asks her, “Are you going to marry him?”

Previews show Josh and Jackie out having another meeting in which Josh declares, “Losing you is my biggest regret. I do love you. I wanna be together.”

But Marshall is not out of the picture.

Marshall decides to fight for his dangerous lady telling Jackie, “I need answers. Josh, whatever that is. I need to know.”

I really think these three need to just merge in to a throuple. It’s the obvious answer here to make everyone happy.

Anyhow, Jackie hugs marshall saying, “Just love me.”

So it looks like Jackie and Marshall may actually make it to the altar!

Update: No Jackie and Marshall did not even make it to try on their wedding attire. The couple broke up prior to the finale and Jackie started dating Josh.

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