Tim Warmels and April Brockman on Breakfast Television in Toronto

More media interviews for newly engaged couple Tim Warmels and April Brockman! It’s fun to see the happy couple together the next morning discussing “their future”. Ok so correction, they were in hiding for 5 months not 6, but still that’s a lot of time for a couple to have to run around in wigs … Read more

April Brockman discusses her meltdown and the challenges of their Bachelor ‘journey’

In the first part of the two-part Bachelor finale that aired on City Tv last Tuesday winner April Brockman, 27 had an epic meltdown in her Moorea hotel room the day before the proposal from Bachelor Tim Warmels, 28. It looked all but certain that she would walk-off the show (thanks to the City Tv production … Read more

Tim Warmels and April Brockman talk wedding plans

Tim Warmels and April Brockman are doing their media tour today and giving us updates on important things like moving in together and planning a wedding! We know that the finale taped 6 months ago so the two are probably very anxious to get their new life together started. On the After the Final Rose … Read more

Tim Warmels and April Brockman on Breakfast Television in Edmonton

I love the day after the Bachelor finale’s because the couples go around and do media interviews. Here is the interview from Breakfast Television in Edmonton. As we all know last night Bachelor and Toronto entrepreneur Tim Warmels, 28 proposed to April Brockman, 27 and now 6 months later the couple has emerged from hiding … Read more

April Brockman and Tim Warmels talk about moving in together and their future

Last night Bachelor Canada Tim Warmels got engaged to amazing lady April Brockman in Tahiti. The show was taped 6 months ago. So now that the couple doesn’t have to hide anymore….what’s next? As everyone knows often times these relationships don’t work and the biggest obstacle tends to be geography. It’s why Brad and Bianka eventually … Read more

Tim Warmels and April Brockman talk about falling in love and sneaking around

Last night Bachelor Canada Tim Warmels, 28 finalized his 9-week journey to find love and proposed to 27-year-old April Brockman after a pretty epic cliffhanger last week and the two lovebirds emerged from 6 months of hiding and sneaking around to publicly announce their relationship. We love the hiding period. What could be more exciting than having … Read more

Trisha Vergo weighs in on her break up with Bachelor Tim Warmels

Wow! Bachelor Canada Tim Warmels blindsided 28-year-old Trisha Vergo and all of us BTW by proposing to 27-year-old April Brockman tonight on the finale of Bachelor Canada, especially because Trisha had such an epic Hometown! She nailed the ‘Meet the Parents’ category. She seriously scored on her Hometown and she scored the most epic date in Tuscany. … Read more

April Brockman’s engagement ring

The first question everyone always has after a Bachelor Canada finale proposal is “Are the two still together?”, but the second question is all about the bling!!! Tonight designer Micheal Hill showed up to Tim’s Tahitian hut with a suitcase full of several engagement ring designs. And Tim said this about his soon to be fiance … Read more

Are Tim Warmels and April Brockman still together?

Tonight on Part 2 of the season finale of Bachelor Canada Tim Warmels got down on one knee and proposed to 27-year-old Wasaga Realtor April Brockman and the first question everyone has is………………. are they still together? Answer: YES!!! On the After the Final Rose Ceremony episode the happy couple emerged from 6 months of hiding … Read more

Tim Warmels chooses April Brockman!

Last week in part 1 of the finale of season 2 of Bachelor Canada Tim Warmels said “I am falling in love with two VERY different women” and the show left us on an epic cliffhanger with April Brockman hyper-ventilating in her hotel room proclaiming that she was “feeling overwhelmed and unclear” and saying “I … Read more