Pope Bergoglio, St. Francis, the Holy See and the Jesuit Conspiracy

Jesuit Italian immigrant, Jorge Bergoglio, has become the Vatican’s new Pope Francis elected 13 March 2013–that’s 03.13.13.  The Archbishop of Buenos Aires, took the name of St. Francis, patron saint of the poor. Again Francis was baptized Giovanni, born Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone. This is key. So this new Pope appears to be bringing … Read more

Phillip Marshall 911 Whistleblower murdered by CIA?

Phillip Marshall is 9/11 investigative author who was killed along with his children in February. Any time a big conspiracy theorist is killed it raises a lot of eyebrows. And it is not unreasonable to think he may have been murdered in a “black ops hit” by the CIA for investigating the attacks on the … Read more

Was Mindy McCready murdered?

We are living in a world where the truth is stranger than fiction so when I hear of a celebrity’s sudden death I always have to question murder. I remember seeing Mindy McCready on Rehab with Dr. Drew a few years ago and hearing her regale stories of her incredibly abusive family and thinking…wow, better … Read more

Jodi Arias Sociopath, Multiple Personality Disorder, Programmed Multiple?

Jodi Arias Sociopath, Multiple Personality Disorder, Programmed Multiple? The world has been mesmerized by the raunchy trial of accused murderer, obsessed stalker, and apparent sex-addict Jodi Arias. Jodi is accused of killing 30 year-old Travis Alexander. She allegedly stabbed him 27 times and shot him in the head in June 2008. But her bizarre sociopathic/Borderline Personality … Read more

Mindy McCready programmed multiple personality disorder?

The conspiracy world is buzzing about the recent sudden, strange “suicide” of Musician Mindy McCready especially since people started learning about the illuminati, programmed multiples and monarch mind control slaves. So was Mindy McCready a programmed multiple? Monarch Programming was a project carried out by elements of the U.S. intelligence groups. There were, according to … Read more