Bachelor Pad winner Holly Durst wins Mrs. South Carolina pageant

Thirty-two-year-old Bachelor Pad winner Holly Durst just won Mrs. South Carolina and will compete in the Mrs. America pageant — that’s “Mrs.” because she married her Bachelor Pad co-star Blake Julian in 2012. But just before competing in Mrs. South Carolina she underwent several plastic surgeries under the care of plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose — that’s right Erica Rose’s … Read more

Did Andi Dorfman have plastic surgery?

People always seem curious about whether the perfect catch on The Bachelor or Bachelorette was born perfect or whether they had some ‘work’. So naturally fans are wondering if ABC’s new Bachelorette, 26-year-old Assistant District Attorney Andi Dorfman has had any plastic surgery. And the answer is………… YES At least according to Life and Style magazine. She Had … Read more

Erica Rose talks plastic surgery, botox and reality Television

Erica Rose Bachelor Pad 3

Erica Rose is one of our all time faves. The Bachelor alum diva is absolutely shameless in her pursuits of self-promotion and D-list celebrity fame — I mean the girl did wear a tiara the entire time she was on the Bachelor Rome in 2008. There is nothing this girl won’t do. Remember Bachelor Pad … Read more

Did Bachelorette Emily Maynard have plastic surgery?

Recently, UsWeekly came out with a story about Emily Maynard being on the outs with Little Ricki’s grandparents. But one claim by some insiders close to the Bachelorette raised some eyebrows — literally. The insiders claimed “the West Virginia native isn’t the same sweet girl she was pre-Bachelor” – apparently alluding to the “work” (plastic … Read more