Lyndsey Gavin and Chris Leroux’ awkward exchange on After the Final Rose

Last night the season 3 finale of Bachelor Canada aired and things got awkward to say the least. It looked like 23-year-old Lyndsey Gavin was a shoe win and despite the less than dramatic conclusion, there were a few surprises. Chris continued to express strong romantic feelings for Lyndsey. Earlier he had told Lyndsey that he was willing to … Read more

Are Chris Leroux and Mikaela Wightman still together?

If you saw last night’s less than dramatic Bachelor Canada finale then you already know the answer. Yes, in the end 33-year-old Chris Leroux offered a lukewarm proposal of continued dating to 27 year-old Winnipeg, Manitoba Communications Manager and Fashion blogger Mikaela Wightman, but the two had already broken up before the finale even aired! I suppose it didn’t bode … Read more

Bachelor Canada finale — Chris Leroux picks Mikaela Wightman — sort of

Season 3 Bachelor Canada premiere recap The Season 3 Bachelor Canada finale aired tonight and 33-year-old Chris Leroux sadly bailed on his contractual obligation to propose to one amazing lady. Yes, Chris opted to forgo the engagement proposal and stay as a single individual despite W Network’s best efforts to find him a life partner. … Read more

Bachelor Canada star Lyndsey Gavin recounts painful breakup with ex boyfriend

Bachelor Canada star Lyndsey Gavin recounts painful breakup with ex boyfriend Twenty-three-year-old Lyndsey Gavin is one of two finalists on this season of Bachelor Canada. The young Vancouver, British Columbia Publicist took 33-year-old Bachelor Chris Leroux to meet her very enthusiastic and protective family this week which resulted in a rose. Anyhow, the family was understandably concerned about the … Read more

Season 3 Bachelor Canada premiere recap: Chris meets 19 ladies and 1 mermaid

Season 3 Bachelor Canada premiere recap Tonight the long awaited premiere of Season 3 Bachelor Canada aired and Canada met their Bachelor, ‘lonely’ retired professional baseball player Chris Leroux and his bevy of amazing ladies. The 6′ 5″ heart-throb celebrated his 33rd birthday by meeting 20 amazing ladies carefully chosen for him by a team of professionals and television producers. First … Read more

Bachelor Canada season 3 women part 4

Bachelor Canada season 3 women part 4 Name: Brittany W. Nickname: Britt, Jelly Bean, Bean Head, Bean Squad Age: 29 Occupation: Business Owner Hometown: Surrey, British Columbia “This blonde bombshell loves to laugh and is looking for a partner who shares her optimistic, happy-go-lucky attitude! Close to her family and proud of her faith, Brittany … Read more

Bachelor Canada season 3 women part 3

Bachelor Canada season 3 women part 3 Name: Ashley Age: 31   Hometown: Sooke, British Columbia Occupation: Nurse “Athletic Ashley knows what she wants and is strong enough to go get it. Not afraid to listen to her heart, Ashley once called off a wedding knowing marriage wasn’t the right thing for her at the time. Today, Ashley … Read more

Bachelor Canada season 3 women part 2

Bachelor Canada season 3 women part 2 Name: Lisa Age: 24 Hometown: St. Catharines, Ontario Occupation: Mermaid “Quirky Lisa is one-of-a-kind. She makes her own mermaid costumes and loves ‘mermaiding’ in public,” say producers. “She adores squirrels and has amassed a huge online following as the internet ‘Squirrel Girl.’ Lisa has never been in love before, but she’s … Read more

Bachelor Canada season 3 women part 1

Bachelor Canada season 3 women part 1 Name: Brittany M Age: 27 Hometown: Calgary, Alberta Occupation: Humanitarian/Pageant Queen “Humanitarian and pageant queen Brittany is always poised and perfectly together,” say producers. “But don’t let the pageant smile fool you, Brittany loves a bit of drama. She’s bringing everything to the table – ‘mind, body and soul’ – in … Read more

Get ready to meet Chris Leroux on Bachelor Canada season 3!

Season 3 of Bachelor Canada is in the works as we speak and set to air in fall. And the world is about to meet Canada’s latest heart throb, 33-year old retired professional baseball player Chris Leroux. It’s hard to imagine that the 6′ 5″ hunk would need any help finding a girlfriend, but Chris does confess … Read more