Hirotake Kubo — Bachelor Japan — bio

Hirotake Kubo — Bachelor Japan — bio Name: Hirotake Kubo Show: Bachelor Japan Age: 35 Birthday: tba Occupation: Entrepreneur who has just sold his IT company for a huge profit Hometown: Tokyo, Japan Ethnicity: Japanese Education: University of Tokyo Per Amazon Prime: “The Bachelor is a reality show and a fairy tale that provides viewers with a front-row, intimate look at the process of … Read more

Richie Strahan blindsides fans by choosing Alex Nation over runner-up Nikki Gogan

The season 4 Bachelor Australia finale just aired and Richie Strahan’s final choice shocked everyone! Seems like Australia’s Bachelor finale’s are always wrought with controversy and fan fury. Recall season 2 when 31-year-old Bachelor Blake Garvey broke up with 25-year-old winner Sam Frost 5 weeks after their engagement for 2nd runner-up contestant Louise Pillidge?  This season is no different. Fans felt certain that the 32-year-old Mining Rope … Read more

Daniel Maguire & Olivia Caridi to appear on Bachelorette Canada after-show

What the heck ever happened to Bachelor villain Olivia Caridi? Did she ever make it off that tiny island? Well now we know. She did and she is taking her celebrity status and her broadcasting skills to Canada alongside “the Canadian” from Bachelor in Paradise, Daniel Maguire. Yes, tonight is the premiere of the inaugural season of … Read more

Canada announces first Bachelorette Jasmine Lorimer

Canada now officially has a Bachelorette! 27-year-old Hair Stylist Jasmine Lorimer!  We fell in love with the Canadian Bachelor franchise in 2012 when they chose Brad Smith to lead the fledgling season. Brad was, I dare say, better than any Bachelor produced by the US. Anyway it was clear that Canada was taking this job very … Read more

Allegations that Sam Wood has already cheated on winner Snezana Markoski

Season 3 of Bachelor Australia just wrapped with a touching fairytale ending and Bachelor Sam Wood choosing 34-year-old single mom Snezana Markoski whom he insists that he is ‘madly in love with’, but there are already allegations that Sam has been cheating on his new love! I know—it’s hard to imagine since Sam is such a sweet and compassionate … Read more

Bachelor Sam Wood chooses Snezana Markoski!

The Bachelor Australia finale just aired and Bachelor Sam Wood chose 34-year-old single mother and Scientific Sales Rep Snezana Markoski over 27-year-old walk-on Lana Jeavons-Fellows. “I can’t believe what an incredible woman you are, you are so strong, you are so warm, you have the biggest heart that I’ve ever come across and I just love being … Read more

Bachelor Australia 3 — Sarah Mackay Bio

Bachelor Australia 3 — Sarah Mackay Bio Name: Sarah MackayAge: 26 Show: Bachelor Australia 3 Hometown: Victoria, Melbourne Eye color: Blue Occupation: Event Manager Ex boyfriend: Jake May Sister: Rosie Mackay From her Tenplay bio: “Sarah has big goals, big dreams and the attitude to achieve them. Always full of surprises, when away from the office Sarah enjoys reading tarot cards and using … Read more

Bachelor Australia Sam Wood meets his amazing ladies

“First impressions are everything” Bachelor Australia season 3 is set to air very soon and Channel 10 is leaking some new promos for the show. This latest promo shows the arrival of the amazing ladies to the Bachelor mansion to meet and try to entice 34-year-old Melbourne personal trainer Sam Wood. The ladies definitely “come on strong”. … Read more

Bachelor Australia season 3 promo

Thankfully even though The Bachelorette is already half way over we still have season 3 of The Bachelor Australia starring Bachelor Sam Wood to look forward to. Channel Ten has just released the first promo for the upcoming season. In the 90-second clip, the 34-year-old Tasmanian-born personal trainer talks about what he is looking forward … Read more

Matilda Rice interview about her engagement to Bachelor Art Green


Ok so we now know the winner of the New Zealand Bachelor and the couple can emerge from months of hiding and now we get to hear the media interviews. Paul Henry speaks with Matilda Rice on winning Art Green’s heart on nationwide TV. First of all there have been a lot of rumors that Bachelor … Read more