Bachelor Pad 3: Cast post-production pics

Bachelor Pad always produces a bevy of situations and relationships — and some of those relationships are friendships. Here we see some members of the cast, Blakeley Shea, Rachel Truehart, Jaclyn Swartz, Erica Rose and Ed Swiderski hangin’ post-production per… Continue Reading

Evidence Michael Stagliano was dating Emily Tuchscherer before Bachelor Pad

We received an amazing piece of evidence from one of our readers that Michael Stagliano was indeed dating his current girlfriend, Emily Tuchscherer, prior to going on Bachelor Pad 3. You can see the date on screenshot featuring the Instagram… Continue Reading

Micro Situation Recap: ‘Bachelor Pad 3′ finale

Bachelor Pad 3 finale Nick Peterson and Rachel Truehart KEEP SHARE

Welcome to Penny Farthing’s micro recap. These will be the opposite of the typical War and Peace-length recaps that a lot of bloggers out there are doing. I mean…some of these bloggers even include commentary on the commercials that air… Continue Reading

Nick Peterson press interview: His plans for the $250k

Nick Peterson Bachelor Pad 3 shirtless

It’s the day after the “most dramatic and shocking and disturbing finale in Bachelor Pad history” aired. And we’re all wondering: Have Nick Peterson and Rachel Truehart patched things up since the finale taped on August 26? And what’s Nick… Continue Reading

Blakeley Shea engagement ring: ABC and Neil Lane pay $100k

We all saw Nick Peterson win the Bachelor Pad and the 250k tonight, but the real winners may have been Blakeley Shea Jones and Tony Pieper, who got officially engaged! Blakeley appeared to be totally surprised when Tony got down… Continue Reading

Nick Peterson wins Bachelor Pad 3 and KEEPS all $250,000!

Nick Peterson and Rachel Truehart Bachelor Pad 3 finale

Holy Crap! So, for those of you that opted to watch Monday Night Football tonight instead of the finale of Bachelor Pad 3, here’s the biggest thing that you missed: Nick Peterson does what no one thought anyone on this… Continue Reading

It’s an official situation: Rachel Truehart hates Nick Peterson

Rachel Truehart family support

Now that we know the shocking results to “the most shocking finale in Bachelor Pad history,” it’s pretty obvious what Rachel Truehart meant when she sent the following Tweet and attached the following picture of her hanging out with her… Continue Reading

Hi, Taylor. I’m your new step mom, Blakeley Shea

Before The Bachelor or Bachelor Pad, Blakeley Shea (also known as Blakeley Jones), the 34-year-old “VIP Cocktail Waitress” from Rutherfordton, NC was workin’ her talents as a Hooter’s waitress/Hooter’s swimsuit model/girl in a tight T-shirt and now Blakeley is taking… Continue Reading

Michael Stagliano rejects Rachel: Chris Harrison weighs in

During a Thursday media conference call with reporters, Chris Harrison discussed Bachelor Pad 3 and gave some hints about the “disturbing finale”.  When asked to dish on the Michael Stagliano and Rachel Truehart situation he said Michael is not in… Continue Reading