The Ben Higgins tattoo snafu

Ben Higgins tattoo has taken on a life of it’s own this season. Little did we know how interested people would be in knowing what Ben’s torso tattoo said when we first wrote about it last year. But as soon as Ben finally took off his shirt fans could see he had a series of … Read more

Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe get matching bird tattoos!

Season 11 Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and fiance Shawn Booth have made it official! No they did not get married, but they did get matching bird tattoos and that is about as official as it gets. Kaitlin talked about her bird tattoos on an episode of The Bachelorette saying they were of doves and that doves are the only … Read more

Joshua Albers on his 9 tattoos

Bachelor in Paradise has had no shortage of situations this season and one of those situations has been the tattoos. And one contestant is a bit of a stand out in that department—32-year-old Kuna, Idaho welder Joshua Albers has an astounding 9 tattoos. People magazine recently spoke to season 2 cast members about the situation. … Read more

Kaitlyn Bristowe on her 1 on 1 with Ben Z, her fear of birds and her tattoos

Monday night Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe goes on a crazy 1 on 1 with 26-years-old contestant Ben Z. to some creepy warehouse in LA where she comes face to face with her fear of birds!—-that’s right—birds—note: when producers ask you about your biggest fear make something up like pizza. Anyway the date brings the two a lot … Read more

Kaitlyn Bristowe explains her tattoos

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe meets her suitors tonight and one of the young men — Ben Higgins, 27 asks her about her tattoos. The Vancouver, British Columbia dance instructor has 5 tattoos. So tonight when Ben H. gets some 1-on-1 time with Kaitlyn he asks her about her “bird tattoos” on the back of both her elbows. She tells … Read more

Bachelorette 2015 contestant Ben Higgins religion and tattoo


Bachelorette 2015 contestant Ben Higgins, 26, the very handsome, very Christian young man from Denver, Colorado has come to the Bachelorette mansion to pursue the heart of bad girl Kaitlyn Bristowe. From my extensive research into Kaitlyn’s exes I believe she likes her men a little rough around the edges, thus a tattoo may give … Read more

What do Josh Murray’s tattoos mean?


The tattoos are always such a BIG question every season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette and we do our best to get to the bottom of them. We know that 29-year-old Josh Murray has a total of 3 tattoos. Two of them are sets of initials. So what do they mean? Initials are always a little scary because they could … Read more

What does Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis’ tattoo mean?

Juan Pablo Galavis

Venezuela professional soccer player/2014 Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis has one tattoo with a very sweet meaning. He has a tattoo of the name of his favorite amazing lady, his 4-year-old daughter Camila on his wrist. Juan Pablo posted the picture of his tattoo to Instagram on August 3. “Exactly 1 YEAR ago I got my ONLY tatoo [sic]…michiquiturri … Read more

‘The Bachelorette’s’ Jef Holm’s “Steijum” tattoo: What does it mean?

Jef Holm tattoo tank top in n out burger

According to ABC’s pre-season bio questionnaire for Bachelorette Season 8 suitor Jef Holm, his “Official Tattoo Count” is: ONE. Now, because this season of The Bachelorette has been so G-Rated (aka not a hot tub was in sight until the overnight dates, when I let out a belt of GLEE when Emily climbed in to … Read more