LiB S4: Paul Peden and Micah Lussier’s epic wedding day fail

LiB S4: Paul Peden and Micah Lussier’s epic wedding day fail

Friday night’s wedding day on Love is Blind was epic!!! The best ever I would argue. We saw a very dramatic and almost catastrophic tailoring situation with Brett’s pants, Lakayana Drury’s adorable collection of doo-rags, a sweet moment of a SHOCKING and I mean shocking “I do” from Kwame Appiah to Chelsea, a heartwarming…really heart melting moment when Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi danced to “I hope you Dance” by Leeann Womack, and a perfectly timed cameo by sweet Marshall who made his deep love for pod pal Brett very clear.

Everything was so perfectly choreographed and it’s hard to choose just a few amazing moments but to start we have to talk about Paul Peden and Micah Lussier‘s epic wedding day fail.

This couple always seemed iffy at best to me. Paul was just not in Micah’s league. His long diatribes and dissertations about anything and everything would bore anyone to tears but especially someone as winsome, delightful, and carefree as Micah.

This is a girl that just wanted someone to make her laugh a little. She did not want endless and I do mean endless pontification over the most mundane subjects.

But the two seemed compatible enough. Both were good looking. Both were educated and goal-oriented, but the chemistry was really never there.

Micah was not going to let that stop her though. She was committed to walking down that isle and solidifying their lukewarm relationship.

Episode 12.

After the two exchange vows, it’s time to say “I do.” The officiant asks Micah if she takes Paul as her husband, but she doesn’t answer.  Instead Micah asks Paul to answer first clearly doubting that he may not say yes.

And she has good instincts because he replies:

‘I don’t think that we can choose each other right now. I think that we’re not there.’

The crowd erupts in gasps and Micah erupts in tears and immediately runs back down the aisle before Paul can give any more details — back toward her dressing room. Paul follows and tries to comfort her, but she tells him to leave.

Micah says as she sobs,  “I don’t want you in here I want to deal with this on my own. Please I don’t want you here”.

Paul says, “Its not because I don’t love you”

Micah says, “Maybe you should leave”.

Micah’s very sweet, beautiful but sadly ailing mom Pat Lussier has kept her cool and kept a very low profile during this entire experience. After all it may be her only chance to see her 27-year-old daughter get married before she dies of cancer.

As Paul leaves Micah’s mom walks in and hugs her as she sobs in her arms.

As for Micah’s BFF Shelby…she tells another wedding guest: “Im relieved. Honestly. That’s how I wanted it to go”.

Well no doubt the Reunion will be epic if Netflix can just get their sheeeet together and get it to stop crashing!! Stay tuned….

Reunion update: Shockingly, Paul and Micah DID continue to date after this disastrous wedding day. Paul went to visit Micah in Arizona and things quickly fizzled.

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