Samantha Steffen and Nick Peterson break up

Samantha Steffen and Nick Peterson break up Oh no! Another happy couple from season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise has split. Samantha Steffen and Nick Peterson are officially over after 3 1/2 months. It’s not particularly surprising—not because Samantha displayed signs of a sociopath, but because the relationship was long distance. 30-year-old Personal Trainer Nick Peterson lives in … Read more

Nick Peterson and Samantha Steffen are in love AFTER Paradise!

One of the most controversial couples to emerge from season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise was Nick Peterson and Samantha Steffen. When Nick arrived Samantha was embroiled in a romance with show villain Joe Bailey aka she was “under the Joe spell”. As a result of being under the spell Sam initially rejected the advances … Read more

Jade Roper moves to Kansas city to be fiance with Tanner Tolbert

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert got engaged on season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise — much to the surprise of everyone. Despite the 6 week season, the show was only taped over 3 short weeks at the Playa Escondida Resort in Sayulita Mexico. So the odds were not good that anyone would get engaged. But jokes on us, Tanner … Read more

Jade Roper’s $88,000 engagement ring doesn’t belong to her

Jade Roper’s $88,000 2k engagement ring doesn’t even belong to her …. Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert were the most surprising couple to emerge from season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise and the only couple to get engaged. Of course everyone is always curious about the engagement ring — as in all the details — value — … Read more

Did Kirk DeWindt break up with Carly Waddell because of an ex girlfriend?

The break up between Bachelor in Paradise contestant Carly Waddell and Kirk DeWindt was hard to watch on the season finale. The two seemed perfect for each other and looked like the most compatible of all of the remaining couples. But unfortunately Carly was blindsided by Kirk when he revealed that he did not share … Read more

Cassandra Ferguson dumps Justin Reich for Jonathan Holloway!

On the finale of season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise 24-year-old single mom and makeup artist Cassandra Ferguson, chose to stay with 27-year-old personal trainer/single dad Justin Reich. The two do not get engaged which is understandable considering they did not even meet until episode 5. So on the After the Paradise episode after the finale Cassandra shocked everyone by announcing … Read more

Are Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert still engaged?

Are Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert still engaged? One of the most shocking couples to emerge from season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise was 28-year-old playboy model Jade Roper, from Gering, Nebraska and 28-year-old auto finance manager Tanner Tolbert, from Kansas City, Missouri. The two hit it off from the get go and provided no drama on the show. … Read more

Are Nick Peterson and Samantha Steffen still together?

Are Nick Peterson and Samantha Steffen still together? The season 2 Bachelor in Paradise finale shocked everyone Monday night when the 3 remaining couples had to decide if they wanted to continue their relationships off camera and 28-year-old model and BiP villain Samantha Steffen and 30-year-old Personal Trainer Nick Peterson decided that they wanted to continue dating in the real world.  The … Read more

Joe Bailey tries to blackmail Samantha Steffen in to liking him!

Wow this really is the MOST dramatic season of Bachelor in Paradise in Bachelor history. Tonight Kentucky State Farm Insurance agent Joe Bailey, 29 continues circling the drain with 28-year-old contestant Samantha Steffen. Samantha was not responding to his attempts to regain her affection—even his sad birthday party failed to dazzle the young fashion designer. So tonight … Read more

The Samantha Steffen, Joe Bailey, Nick Peterson situation

Tonight the big Bachelor in Paradise Vill is out-villed by his prized possession and love interest Samantha Steffen. Joe Bailey made no apologies for being the biggest a$$h0le in Bachelor history by manipulating and lying to single mom and widow Juelia Kinney and deceiving her in to thinking he was interested in her so she would … Read more