The Robert Graham gay rumors after the Fantasy Suite catastrophe

Tonight was the Bachelor in Paradise finale and the big situation was not the engagement of Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul, but the Fantasy Suite catastrophe of couple Robert Graham and Sarah Herron which had people on Twitter wondering about whether Robert was gay or not. The 31-year-old entrepreneur seemed obsessed with contestant 27-year-old Junior Art … Read more

Was Robert Graham gay or just pretending to like Sarah Herron for cameras?

Bachelor in Paradise contestant, 31-year-old entrepreneur Robert Graham seemed obsessed with 27-year-old Junior Art Director  Sarah Herron for the last few episodes of Bachelor in Paradise. He even seriously cock-blocked Brooks Forester and kept him from asking Sarah out. And Sarah even confessed that she had actually come on the show to meet Brooks. But Sarah decided to … Read more

Tasos Hernandez gay rumors

Tasos Hernandez was one of the men competing for the heart of Bachelorette Andi Dorfman on this season of The Bachelorette, but tabloids have suggested that he was not actually in to girls. I have to admit when I first saw Tasos my gaydar went off a little–the “wedding coordinator”, the dance moves, the earrings, … Read more

Brooks Forester Gay rumors

So every season it seems there is someone (and this season it’s more than one) who appears maybe just a tad bit on the gay side. Not that that necessarily means anything, but we love to speculate anyway. In fact I think it would be absolutely a-mazing if a contestant came to the revelation that … Read more

Situation Alert: The Sean Lowe Gay Conspiracy

Ok, well we know this is speculation and may seem absurd but so many people have been googling “Sean Lowe gay” that it got us thinking. Is it possible that America’s most eligible bachelor is gay? Keep in mind we are half joking so don’t get too mad at us for our analysis. So with … Read more