The paint is peeling on my 2016 Honda and I am not alone

So I just purchased my first car in 23 years. That’s right, I drove the same 1996 Mustang for 23 years and it was a great car (I credit that to the manual transmission, but I digress). Anyhow, the Mustang dropped her pistons on the freeway in January and decided to retire forever. After doing … Read more

Stormy Daniels dilated pupil situation

If you watched 60 Minutes Sunday night you saw the infamous Stormy Daniels and her attorney   Michael Avenatti field questions from host Anderson Cooper about the 39-year-old pornographic actress’ alleged affair with President Donald Trump in 2006. And if you were like most of America you noticed her pupils were extraordinarily and unusually dilated. … Read more

Burning Man ticket scammer Kristian Walters finally arrested

SPARKS, Nevada — It’s that time again! — time for 70,000 adventure-seekers to trek to the Black Rock City desert to build a temporary adult playground for one week. And for the last few years getting tickets has been a serious situation. Since 2013 the event has sold out the same day tickets were released. Thus, … Read more

Steven Avery — fellow inmate claims Avery confessed to murdering Teresa Halbach

Steven Avery — fellow inmate claims Avery confessed to murdering Teresa Halbach So I literally just got done watching the painfully biased Netflix documentary Making a Murderer and felt compelled to look and see if there have been any new developments in the 2005 case where 54-year-old Steven Avery was accused of murdering 25-year-old freelance photographer Teresa Halbach. … Read more

Situations collide: Sandals Resorts promotes ‘Beyond the Rose’ Bachelor packages!

If there is one thing The Bachelor is brilliant at — it’s creating a habitat to help human beings fall in love. The Bachelor brand is all about the impromptu picnic appearing as if out of nowhere in an open field, it’s about the impromptu hot-tub in the middle of nowhere, pre-heated, jets a-blazing, it’s about 1000 candles … Read more

Situation: Susan Sarandon stole our potty at Burning Man


So I just returned from 9 days in the Black Rock desert in Black Rock city, Nevada where I enjoyed the 2015 Burning Man art festival. If you have ever been to Burning Man you know the biggest situation there is dealing with the porta potties. They are disgusting. They often are not stocked with … Read more

Kaitlyn Bristowe Enneagram personality breakdown

Kaitlyn Bristowe stole the show from the minute that she stepped out of the limo onto the freshly-hosed driveway of the Bachelor mansion and told Chris Soules he could “plow the fu#k out of her field anytime”. This girl likes to be in front of a camera. She is funny, brash, flirtatious, charming, good-looking and … Read more