The paint is peeling on my 2016 Honda and I am not alone

So I just purchased my first car in 23 years. That’s right, I drove the same 1996 Mustang for 23 years and it was a great car (I credit that to the manual transmission, but I digress). Anyhow, the Mustang dropped her pistons on the freeway in January and decided to retire forever. After doing … Read more

Situation: Susan Sarandon stole our potty at Burning Man


So I just returned from 9 days in the Black Rock desert in Black Rock city, Nevada where I enjoyed the 2015 Burning Man art festival. If you have ever been to Burning Man you know the biggest situation there is dealing with the porta potties. They are disgusting. They often are not stocked with … Read more

The Google Gods must be crazy! Look what they give me for “news”

Dear Google Gods, Matt Cutts, et al, I have a situation. Google keeps giving me the craziest results in their search engine….. The Google Gods keep talking about updating their algorithms to weed out low quality content in an effort to deliver the highest level of quality content to their customers, yet somehow the craziest stuff keeps showing … Read more

Situation Alert: Murder, She Wrote removed from Netflix streaming

murder she wrote

The current Threat Level has just been elevated! I have been watching Murder, She Wrote via Netflix streaming daily (and nightly) for the past several months (years) and last Thursday, October 17 it was suddenly removed from their offerings without warning. In an EXTREME PANIC (naturally), I phoned Netflix and was told that they either … Read more

Burning Man 2013 celebrities spottings: P Diddy AND Mark Zuckerberg…this is a situation!

Featured Photo: Tumbler Here is the official list of celebrity spottings. I am sure more will emerge….. Mark Zuckerberg Sean “P. Diddy” Combs Jennifer Aniston’s little brother Actress (and George Clooney ex) Stacy Keibler Ok, as you can see by both my and Penny Farthing’s profiles we are longtime Burners/ residents of Black Rock City … Read more

The Enneagram Personality Type 1: The Perfectionist

So I think it is high time we break down the enneagram on Ok! Here is the Situation, since we use it so often to understand Bachelor personalities and situations. It is an amazing tool you can use to understand people’s fears, motivations and actions. Granted, I don’t have a PhD in the enneagram, but I … Read more

Channing Tatum’s movie ‘Magic Mike’ is a situation!!

Ok, first of all, I had no idea who Channing Tatum was before last Saturday. First, my sister in law brought him up in conversation over dinner, to which she received blank, unknowing stares from my husband and I. She looked him up on IMDb on her iPhone to show us a picture of him … Read more