Stassi Schroeder discusses why she and boyfriend Patrick Meagher split

Stassi Schroeder recently announced that her and her boyfriend, Patrick Meagher, broke up on their 4 year anniversary. And know she is talking about why they decided to split with her friend Rachael O’Brien on her podcast Straight Up with Stassi. On the latest episode Stassi recounted the events that led to the breakup, “We get into an … Read more

Stassi Schroeder Patrick Meagher split on 4-year anniversary

Just when we thought we were finally going to get to meet Stassi Schroeder’s elusive and camera-shy boyfriend Patrick Meagher on season 6 of Vanderpump Rules, the couple has announced their split…again. Stassi shared a post yesterday about their breakup. The post was conspicuously deleted right away which could mean they made amends or it could … Read more

Stassi Schroeder and ex-boyfriend Patrick Meagher back together and taping Vanderpump Rules together!

At LONG last fans of Vanderpump Rules will get to meet Stassi Schroeder’s invisible ex-boyfriend 37-year-old Patrick Meagher on season 6 of the show. Stassi, 28 confirmed their reconciliation on Instagram; sharing a photo of her and Patrick with the caption “back again.” Lisa Vanderpump must have finally made the elusive Patrick an offer he could … Read more

Stassi Schroeder on her split with Patrick Meagher and dating again

When season 5 of Vanderpump Rules began 28-year-old Stassi Schroeder lamented about her on again off again relationship with boyfriend of two years, talk show host Patrick Meagher. At the time of filming she and Patrick were still together, but apparently that has once again changed. As you know Patrick has been adamant about not … Read more

Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder to star on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry

Twenty-eight-year-old Vanderpump Rules/sex tape star Stassi Schroeder recently revealed on her Straight Up with Stassi podcast that she filmed an episode of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. “Yesterday, I was on Hollywood Medium,” …..“It was the most— I can’t say too much of it, but like, when this sh*t airs, it’s changed my, when I spoke to my … Read more

Stassi Schroeder and Patrick Meagher officially breakup

We knew things were rocky between 28-year-old Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder and boyfriend Patrick Meagher, 36, but we didn’t know exactly how bad things were since Patrick has never appeared on the show! Last season of Vanderpump Stassi was coach-surfing on Kristen Doute’s couch after a rough patch with Patrick, but at the time Stassi … Read more

Stassi Schroeder gets dissed by co-stars on Vanderpump Rules reunion

Last night on the reunion of Survivor…I mean Vanderpump Rules (season 4), late-comer 27-year-old fashionista Stassi Schroeder battled it out with producer Lisa Vanderpump. Stassi made yet another sad attempt to appear contrite and apologetic, and even though she was wearing green “the apology color”, it appears to be too little too late. She told everyone that she … Read more

Stassi Schroeder admits that she cheated on Jax Taylor with Frank Herlihy

Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder just dropped a bombshell on Vanderpump Rules Uncensored. The Bravo special aired Wednesday, March 16th and featured Lisa Vanderpump, Andy Cohen, and other show producers and the staff of SUR reflecting on the shows dramatic past. On season 2 of VP Rules, while in Las Vegas, Kristen Doute apparently had been claiming that … Read more

Stassi Schroeder on her infamous sex tape

Recently we learned that an ex boyfriend of Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder was shopping a sex tape of Stassi around after Stassi moved to New York to be with boyfriend Patrick Meagher. The infamous sex take allegedly was made by Stassi with her I-Phone and reveals her playing with herself with a sex toy. Luckily on the Vanderpump … Read more

Lisa Vanderpump paid off Stassi Schroeder’s ex boyfriend to suppress sex tape!

WHOAH!!!!! It came to light last season that Stassi Schroeder’s ex boyfriend (an unnamed man that she met after dating Jax Taylor) was trying to release a sex tape that Stassi did…alone….aka Stassi is naked and playing with herself in the infamous tape. The tape was the source of a lot of resentment for Stassi … Read more