Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo breakup

Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo breakup Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo seemed perfectly suited for one another on the previous 2 seasons of Southern Charm, but things are not always as they appear because the couple has officially called it quits. Naomie replied to a fan today that asked if she was still with Craig in an Instagram post. … Read more

Landon Clements won’t return for season 5 of Southern Charm

Season 5 of Southern Charm is a go, but there is one star that you will not be seeing when the show airs, 35-year-old internet Entrepreneur Landon Clements. It’s hard to tell if Landon left by choice or if producers were just done with her, but either way Landon has had enough of Charleston and is moving back … Read more

Thomas Ravenel’s new girlfriend Ashley Jacobs to star on Southern Charm

Back in 2015 we got word from an insider that Thomas Ravenel, 54, was secretly dating a new young girl named “Ashley” —- at the time he was still allegedly with baby mama Kathryn Dennis. I am not sure at this point if that is the same “Ashley” that he is currently dating, but currently he is … Read more

Are Austen Kroll and Chelsea Meissner still together?

The newest member of Southern Charm, 29-year-old Austen Kroll actually found love on season 4 of the hit show with hair-stylist Chelsea Meissner. The two seemed quite smitten with one another and seemed like quite a good match. Yes, despite Cameran Eubanks’ best efforts and best Voodoo dolls, Chelsea seemed more drawn to the new young charmer than bad boy Shep Rose, … Read more

Austen Kroll tells story of sister’s tragic death

Twenty-nine-year-old Southern Charm star Austen Kroll comes off as cheerful, and light-hearted on the show, but his upbeat posture may be masking some real sadness. In August of 1994 when he was 7 years-old he was hiking on a vacation with his family in Chimney Rock State Park, NC when his 9-year-old sister Kyle fell off of a 200 … Read more

Conspiracy alert — Craig Conover passed the BAR exam?!!

Conspiracy alert — Craig Conover passed the BAR exam?!! It was shocking last season to learn from the show that not only had Craig not taken the BAR, but he was not even an eligible candidate because he had not even graduated from Law school!! So this was the theme of the show last season. … Read more

Shep Rose gets a spin-off — RelationShep

I am losing track of Southern Charm lothario Shep Rose’ collection of lady-lovers! Shep loves the ladies and the ladies love Shep. So Bravo has decided to give the 37-year-old Hot Dog mogul his own show aptly titled “RelationShep”. Yep, relation-Shep is finally here, and as you can imagine it will follow the dating life of the … Read more

Craig Conover finally actually takes the BAR exam


We here at Ok!HiTS have been aggressively keeping an eye on South Carolina’s BAR results for 2 years now. See twice a year South Carolina offers the BAR exam to qualified candidates, once in February and once in July. And twice a year the state posts results, but they only post the results of those … Read more

Kathryn Dennis announces she’s not returning to 4th season of Southern Charm

Friday morning Kathryn Dennis announced over Twitter that she will not be returning to the 4th season of Southern Charm. …….Sigh. Shockingly it sounds like Kathryn was fired. She has since deleted the telling tweets but they read, Was excited to show the new me on #SouthernCharm but they aren’t interested. I want to thank my fans for … Read more