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Ok! Here is the Situation, which focuses on not only Bachelor news, but also on all types of situations in general, was launched in late 2010. To get a better understanding of the over-arching concept of the site, you’re invited to visit the page titled Our Philosophy. In a nutshell, it’s a site about situations.

The Bachelor at Burning Man

When The Bachelor is not on TV, we like to delve into the dark world of global crisis situations, conspiracy theories and Ru Paul’s Drag Race, which is why you’ll find posts on all sorts of other situations as well.

At Burning Man 2010, the concept of this Website was actually brought to life in the form of a “theme camp” called The Situation Room. That year, gold-gilded frames of various contestants from The Bachelor franchise where hung in a street-facing tent (much like the deliberation room from the show), and passers by were invited to enter into The Situation Room to talk about Jake Pavelka or any and all other situations they had on their minds. It was a roaring success and many a situation was solved.

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The hope is to invite that same type of interaction here, online. So, if you do have a situation that you’d like us to weigh in on, please do so by using the form on the Submit a Situation page. They will be posted anonymously and will appear on the official Submitted Situations page.

And if you have any inside info on the D-list celebs that we follow please email Christine Lo at

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Twitter: @tisasituation


The Situation Room at Burning Man
The Situation Room
The Situation Room
Christine Lo’s brilliant el wire sign


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