Ready For Love’s Shandi Finnessey marries Ben Higgins!

Former Miss USA and Ready For Love winner Shandi Finnessey has found love after Ernesto Arguello. On July 11th 2015 she married businessman Ben Higgins in Solvang California. Interestingly her co-stars on the show Tim Lopez and Jenna Reeves were married exactly one week earlier! So who is Shandi’s new husband? Per The Knot Ben is actually a British National and … Read more

Tim Lopez and Jenna Reeves 4th of July wedding!

Remember the short-lived reality dating show Ready for Love that aired in April of 2013 and was cancelled after 2 episodes? Well despite being cancelled the show continued to air on Hulu and acquired a bit of a cult following. Fans especially loved the fairy-tale romance of Plain White T’s rocker Tim Lopez, 34 and interior … Read more

Shandi Finnessey engaged to Ben Higgins

Remember Shandi Finnessey from Ready for Love? She was the gorgeous contestant on the short-lived NBC reality show who stole the heart of Ernesto Arguello. Prior to that she was crowned Miss USA in 2004, and first runner up for Miss Universe 2004. Shandi and Ernesto broke up before the show even aired, but take heart, she is … Read more

Tim Lopez and Jenna Reeves set wedding date

The NBC show Ready for Love which premiered in April of 2013 may have been short-lived but one relationship to emerge from the show was not—Plain White T’s rocker Tim Lopez Independent Designer Jenna Reeves continued to date after the show wrapped and were officially engaged on December 23rd 2014. And now we know the official wedding … Read more

Details on Tim Lopez and Jenna Reeves engagement and upcoming wedding

Thirty-three-year-old Plain White T’s rocker Tim Lopez proved that he really was ‘Ready for Love’ on the NBC showed that aired in April of 2013. In the end he chose fellow Austin Texas resident 25-year-old Independent Designer Jenna Reeves. And really, it seemed that the two were made for each other from the start. In … Read more

Tim Lopez and Jenna Reeves are engaged!!!

The best thing to come out of NBC’s show Ready for Love was Austin Texas couple Tim Lopez and Jenna Reeves. Despite the failure of the other two relationships on the show, this one was solid as a rock. And today the 32-year-old Plain White T’s rocker Tim Lopez and ‘Ready for Love’ bachelor proposed to 24-year-old … Read more

Tim Lopez song for Jenna Reeves

Ready for Love’s Tim Lopez and Jenna Reeves update 2014: still together and IN LOVE! Update: December 23, 2014: Tim Lopez and Jenna Reeves are engaged! Jenna Reeves – Single Tim Lopez Well I am sure people will be thrilled to hear that this couple is still together and still in love. One outta 3 … Read more

Eva Longoria moves on from Ernesto Arguello with new boyfriend

After only four months of dating, Ready for Love’s Ernesto Arguello and Eva Longoria broke up. The two cited  “distance problems,” since Ernesto lives in Miami and Eva lives in Los Angeles. TMZ reported : Eva spends most of her time in L.A., and Ernesto is situated primarily in Miami, so they decided it would be better … Read more

Situation Alert: Ernesto and Eva Longoria break up

In a very ironic twist Ready for Love producer Eva Longoria ended up dating The Bachelor of her dating show Ernesto Arguello. No wonder the show was cancelled! But after only four months of dating, TMZ is reporting that Ready for Love’s Ernesto Arguello (bachelor) and Eva Longoria (executive producer) are broken up. The reason … Read more

Ernesto Arguello and Eva Longoria update: Spain vacation

Eva Longoria her new beau Miami-based entrepreneur Ernesto Arguello are still going strong according to UsMagazine. The two were recently spotted vacationing in Spain. The 38-year-old actress was photographed tanning her bikini body with the new beau in Marbella, Spain, on Sunday, Aug. 4. The two fell in love after Eva cast ernesto as one of … Read more