LiB Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell off to a rocky start after engagement

Happy Valentines Day LiB fans! Season 6 of the Netflix dating series  “Love Is Blind” is here!!! Let’s face it, Season 5 “Love” was a little lukewarm at best and we did not see a lot of success at the altar but its a new year and we have a brand new batch of singles. And we know that 10 of them have gotten engaged so we are already doing better than season 5 that only saw eight singles get engaged.

This time we head to Charlotte, North Carolina to find 30 of the city’s finest bachelors and bachelorettes and take them hostage in LAs finest dating Pods where they must quickly form romantic bonds with someone they cannot see and then quickly make a very serious commitment to one another.


And this time the five newly engaged couples head to the Dominican Republic to find out if their physical connections were just as strong and the emotional bonds they formed in the pods. Side note: Lets just hope they aren’t staying at the Bahia Principe hotel at the Playa Nueva Romana resort where several American tourists mysteriously died in 2018 while on vacation after enjoying some questionable cocktails, but I digress.

Anyhoo, the first 3 episodes are out and the couples have been released from the pods! The first seemingly promising couple is:

Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell

Software sales rep Jimmy Presnell, 28, picks self-proclaimed Megan Fox look-alike and flight attendant Chelsea Blackwell 31, over single mom Jessica and fans did not like it. They would not let up attacking her on social media for claiming to be the A-Listers doppelganger.

“Don’t worry I’ll never say that s–t again,” Chelsea, responded via Instagram on Wednesday, February 14.

In Chelsea’s defense, I do think she looks like Megan Fox and people need to leave her alone.

After Jimmy’s cringeworthy breakup by Jessica, Jimmy tells Jess, “it’s not fair to you”….

Jessica warns him that he’ll regret not choosing her and will “choke” and “need an Epi-Pen when he sees” how hot she is.  Wow! That is confidence. I guess we will see if he really will need that Epi-pen.

Then poor Chelsea has to break the news to sweet, muscled and mullet-ed Trevor Sova, 31, who does not support her deciding to get engaged to Jimmy. In fact, Trevor asks Chelsea,

“If I asked first would you have said yes”, implying that Chelsea only said yes to Jimmy because he was the first to ask her. Chelsea stays silent and does not answer.

But maybe there is still hope for Chelsea and Trevor because things are off to a rocky start for Jimmy and Chelsea. In fact, their very first conversation Jimmy tells Chelsea he was about to go home, leading Chelsea to question whether Jimmy feels like she isn’t what he was expecting.

And Jimmy definitely hints that something isn’t quite right and that this connection they have is tenuous at best. I think he is waiting for the episode when he meets Jessica in person to decide if he wants to commit to Chelsea.

While in the Dominican Republic the two giggle a lot and share moisturizer. Jimmy tells Chelsea he was first attracted to her “perfectly square teeth” while Chelsea tells him she loved his eyes.

For what it’s worth Chelsea is certainly happy with Jimmy.

“I was really nervous about being in a bathing suit in front of Jimmy for the first time because what if he really likes me for me but what if he sees me and decides, like, oops, nope?” she said in a confessional during the cast’s trip to Punta Cana. “I am beyond attracted to Jimmy. His personality makes him ten times cuter, but everything about him is just perfect.”

And we learn why Chelsea is so happy at the first party with all the couples as Chelsea tells everyone that Jimmy has a “HUGE weiner”! I feel sorry for the other guys who will now be measured against giant Jimmy.

Despite Jimmy repeating that he is very happy, Chelsea seems riddled with insecurity, jealousy and self-doubt. In fact Chelsea loses her mind at the cocktail party when Jimmy pulls AD aside to tell her what a great man she has chosen in Clay Gravesande. Yikes!!!

Other couples that got engaged were:

Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham

Amber Desiree “AD” Smith and Clay Gravesande

Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortés

Jeramey Lutinski and Laura Dadisman

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