Jamie Otis opens up about miscarriage

Jamie Otis and husband Doug Hehner are perhaps the best thing to emerge from the Married at First Sight franchise. Their successful relationship was proof that the preposterous premise of the show was perhaps not as crazy as it appeared…..”at first sight”. I was already a huge fan of 30-year-old Jamie Otis after her very awkward showing … Read more

Jamie Otis on the prospects of having a baby with Doug


Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner have been hitting some rough patches in year 2 of their marriage. Interestingly when Jamie expressed that she was still pining for an ex boyfriend and started pulling away from Doug she offered a rather odd solution to their marital problems — having a baby. In her blog she said … Read more

Jamie Otis claims her and Doug were ‘miserable’ while filming

Married at First Sight star Jamie Otis, 28 and husband Doug Hehner, 33 seemed so perfect together after the initial shock of marrying a stranger wore off and they got to know each other. Admittedly they were off to a rough start, but ended up discovering that they were actually quite compatible. And if you have been following … Read more

Doug Hehner’s brother encourages him to break up with Jamie Otis

Tonight on season 2 of A&E’s reality show Married at First Sight: The first year Jamie Otis, 28 and husband Doug Hehner, 33 are still reeling from Jamie’s preoccupation with her ex boyfriend. Doug tells Jamie that he is having doubts about their relationship. The news understandably upsets Jamie. Doug also asserts that he does not think they are ready to … Read more