Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon officially dating!

One of the fun-est things about The Bachelor is the relationships that evolve over time off screen–especially when they start off with one person hopelessly in love with another person that is not only not interested, but also on the verge of filing a temporary restraining order as was in the case of Ashley Iaconetti … Read more

Clare Crawley Benoît Savard breakup

Clare Crawley Benoît Savard breakup Oh no! Our favorite Bachelor Winter Games couple has decided to go their separate ways. Clare and Benoit renewed my faith in the franchise. The unlikely pair shocked America on the finale reunion show, World Tells All when they informed us that they had reconnected off-camera and fallen in love. Benoit … Read more

Stassi Yaramchuk blasts Luke Pell on Winter Games Tell All

Last night Bachelor Winter Games finale aired and we saw one big LOSER—32-year-old country singer Luke Pell. Luke lost the respect of Bachelor Nation last night when he iced out his alleged interest on the show 26-year-old Stassi Yaramchuk of Malmö, Sweden. Now it certainly did not come as a shock to me. In fact I contended from … Read more

Clare Crawley and Benoît Savard engaged!

Clare Crawley and Benoît Savard engaged! Bachelor Winter Games concluded tonight with some very sweet relationships and one epic engagement, Kevin and Ashley, Courtney and Clare, Dean and Lesley, and one more couple that everyone thought was done: Benoît Savard and Clare Crawley. Yep, Clare seemed totally uninterested in Benoît on the show. When she gave him … Read more

Are Courtney Dober and Lily McManus still together?

Are Courtney Dober and Lily McManus still together? The real story on Bachelor Winter Games comes from the land down under. Courtney Dober and Lily McManus stole the show on the finale tonight. The couple has been super low profile up until tonight, but I guess behind the scenes they were developing a serious connection. Yep … Read more

Are Clare Crawley and Benoit engaged?

Ok, to start, Clare Crawley is engaged. The question is…to whom. When things went south on Bachelor Winter Games with 34-year-old Christian Rauch, Clare lamented about sending Benoît Beausejour-Savard home saying that he was the one she should have picked. And guess what? We have not seen the last of the 30-year-old Montreal Maître D’. He will return tonight … Read more

Do Ashley Iaconetti and Kevin Wendt stay together?

Do Ashley Iaconetti and Kevin Wendt stay together? Ashley Iaconetti has made herself a permanent fixture in the reality dating scene, but apparently those days may be over. The 29-year-old from Wayne, NJ, has finally taken a lover and it’s 33-year-old hunky Firefighter, Kevin Wendt of Waterloo, Ontario. Yep, the infamous reality virgin has sealed the deal … Read more

Is Luke Pell hiding a secret girlfriend back home?

Last Thursday night former Westpoint grad Luke Pell, 32 got some sexy hot-tub time with 26-year-old Stassi Yaramchuk of Malmö, Sweden on the Bachelor Winter Games. Luke appeared to be somewhat interested in Stassi, but it sounds like things are not exactly as they appear and Luke is hiding a secret girlfriend back home. Remember, he was originally cast as The … Read more

Clare Crawley gets her groove back with Benoît and Christian

Clare Crawley has returned to The Bachelor franchise to find love and this time she scores in International waters. In fact, Clare finds herself in a love triangle– and I don’t mean between a raccoon and a Mexican turtle. This time she has not one, but two male suitors–an adorable quirky 30-year-old Montreal Maître D’ named Benoît Beausejour-Savard and … Read more

The Luke Pell Stassi Yaramchuk situation

Ok, we have to discuss the situation that is Luke Pell pretending to look for love on Bachelor Winter Games. Last night the 32-year-old country crooner got a date with 26-year-old Stassi Yaramchuk of Malmö, Sweden. The two bond over similar heart conditions early in the day which earns Luke a date on a horse-drawn carriage (it … Read more