Josh Murray moves to Orange County to be with Amanda Stanton

ABC has not even tried to hide the fact that Bachelor in Paradise contestants Josh Murray, 32 and Amanda Stanton, 26 get engaged on the finale of season 3…perhaps because they don’t want fans to lose hope that a successful relationship can emerge from this “process”. So yes. In the end these two lovebirds seal the … Read more

Nick Buonfiglio takes a dig at ex wife Amanda Stanton

Bachelor in Paradise star Amanda Stanton, has two very young daughters with her ex husband Nick Buonfiglio, 28 and on Ben Higgins season of The Bachelor we learned there were still a lot of hard feelings between her and her baby daddy.  Now on the news that Amanda is very happily engaged to Josh Murray her … Read more

Brittany Farrar calls ex Jordan Rodgers a ‘prolific liar and cheater’

Season 12 of The Bachelorette has been all about the exes. Since the jilted exes are not staying silent. One of the many exes to lash out is winner and former NFL quarterback Jordan Rodgers’ ex-girlfriend personal trainer Brittany Farrar. Farrah has been making accusation against Jordan for cheating since the season began. And she doesn’t seem to be … Read more

Josh Murray and Nick Viall go to battle over Amanda Stanton

This season on Bachelor in Paradise infamous foes Josh Murray and Nick Viall come face to face for the first time since going to war for the affection of Bachelorette Andi Dorfman. In fact this match up is epic for many reasons: 1: It was Andi’s fantasy suite time with Nick Viall and the “fiancee … Read more

Amanda Stanton claims Nick Viall was waiting for Jen Saviano — not her

Amanda Stanton claims Nick Viall was waiting for Jen Saviano — not her Single mom / Disney Princess Amanda Stanton, 25 has become quite a hot item on season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise. I mean Amanda is so hot no one even seems to care that she has two young children at home! And two of … Read more

Robby Hayes ‘blind’-sides fans with a new set of veneers on ATFR

Robby Hayes may not have won the final rose on The Bachelorette, but he did win a fresh styling session compliments of Smile Stylist and friend Dr. Jason Olitsky. I am just now catching up on the After the Final Rose episode and I am stunned! No, nothing to do with the 9-week-journey-to find-undying-love that left Robby … Read more

Robby Hayes’ fairytale comes to a devastating end

The Monday night finale of The Bachelorette was a roller-coaster for sure. Yes, we did get a happy ending…thank God! But it was hard, very hard, not to feel for 27-year-old Robby Hayes who was devastated when Jojo Fletcher told him that he was not going to get to keep the Neil Lane Princess cut diamond engagement … Read more

Jordan Rodgers nearly ‘drops the ball’ on his proposal to Jojo Fletcher

Monday night on the season finale of The Bachelorette aka “Which unemployed professional athlete will 25-year-old Jojo Fletcher pick to be her life-partner?”, Bachelorette Jojo had to make the heart-wrenching decision between ex pro NFL star Jordan Rodgers, 27 and ex professional swimmer Robby Hayes, 27. The highlight of the episode was seeing Jojo’s family again. … Read more

Jojo Fletcher Neil Lane engagement ring!

Tonight in a slightly less than dramatic final rose ceremony Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher gave her final rose to 27-year-old NFL star Jordan Rodgers. It was pretty obvious that Jojo was hot for Jordan from the get go. It was pretty obvious that Jordan was going to win this one from the get-go. The real question … Read more

The Robby Hayes Gay Conspiracy

We love a gay conspiracy here at Ok Here’s the Situation. If you think about it–given the 100’s of young men who have appeared on this show looking for love — statistics suggest at least a few of them have to be gay. This season I put my money on 27-year-old professional swimmer Robby Hayes of Jacksonville, Florida… … Read more