Hurricane Jenna lands in Bachelor in Paradise

Jenna Cooper swept in to Paradise like a category 5 hurricane last week. The sexy 29-year-old Fitness Consultant made landfall on Tuesday and caused quite a bit of destruction. First the stacked stormfront annihilates the sweet budding relationship between 26-year-old Wilhelmina model Jordan Kimball and Annaliese Puccini. Then it intensifies a tempestuous rift between Jordan and David Ravitz, 26. Jordan … Read more

Are Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper still together?

The Jordan Kimball Jenna Cooper situation Jordan Kimball has definitely been a major situation on season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise. He initially appeared to have a spark with Annaliese Puccini, but Jordan swiftly switched gears when 29-year-old Upland, Indiana Fitness Consultant, Jenna Cooper landed in paradise. Jenna is cute, she’s bubbly, shes running around in a very … Read more

Are Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson still together?

One of the most interesting and oddly functional relationships to emerge from season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise is the relationship between Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone. In fact, the two didn’t start as a couple, and even when they did start dating they did not start off with a giant spark, but they did end … Read more

6 Things to know Leo Dottavio

Twenty-eight-year-old Leo Dottavio may not have won Becca Kufrin’s final rose, but he won a lot of fans and suitors as a result of his appearance on The Bachelorette. 1: His Full Name is Leandro Fabian Dottavio. He was born at Cedar Sinai hospital in Beverly Hills California on August 14, 1986 to Parents Julio and Luz Dottavio. … Read more

Tia Booth tries to blackmail Colton Underwood into a relationship

There is nothing I love more than when someone tries to blackmail someone else into liking them…a situation that has occurred at least twice now on Bachelor in Paradise. Tia Booth has come to paradise on a mission—to rekindle her brief romance with Bachelorette alumni Colton Underwood. It doesn’t take long before we realize that … Read more

Kevin Wendt accuses Ashley Iaconetti of cheating with fiance Jared Haibon

Kevin Wendt accuses Ashley Iaconetti of cheating with fiance Jared Haibon Ashley Iaconetti’s engagement to fiance Jared Haibon is this years most shocking and sweet Bachelor love story, but there is someone that is not too happy about the way the romance began. Kevin Wendt had barely landed a foot in the hot Salyulito sand … Read more