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LIB S6 Bios: Brittany Mills 

Brittany Mills and Kenneth Gorham were one of five couples to get engaged on season 6 of Love is Blind and they seem like the couple most likely to make it to the altar.

Brittany Mills complains to cameras that even though she is just 25 years old, she’s frustrated with the casual dating scene in her hometown Charlotte, North Carolina.

Per her Netflix bio, she looking for a “serious relationship that would lead to marriage someday.” Brittany also expressed that she is “looking for someone who is strong” and able to provide her with “peace.” She continued, “Life is tough, but being able to roll with the punches and continue to grow together is what I’m looking for.”

Brittany is also very Christian and very committed to her religious beliefs and is looking for a man that shares those convictions.

Brittany Mills

Season of Love is Blind: 6

Age: 25


Occupation: Business Owner: currently employed as a Senior Client Partner at Search Solution Group. Per LinkedIn, she completed her Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education and Teaching from the University of South Carolina in May 2021 with a 3.6 GPA. Before graduating.

Both her and Ken share a background in education and working with kids. She worked as a Program Assistant for Lexington School District, followed by Marketing Manager at B N Global and as a waitress for ‘M Vista’.

Instagram: brittanymills123

On August 29, 2023, a birthday wish on Brittany’s Instagram to her mother Sharon Gregory Mills.said:

“I pray every day that God protects your soul and mind and gives you all the wonderful things you truly deserve out of life. It’s my greatest treasure growing up with you,” she added.

Fiance:  Brittany gets engaged to 26-year-old middle school principal Kenneth Gorham from Charlotte, North Carolina who is all set to find love 

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