Jeramey Lutinski caught cheating on Laura Dadisman with Sarah Ann

Episodes 7-9 of Season 6 of the Netflix  “Love Is Blind” debuted last night and it definitely brought some drama. The couples leave their idyllic honeymoon in the Dominican Republic and return to reality in Charlotte, North Carolina where they proceed to move in together. Kenneth Gorham seems WAY more excited and consumed by the return of his I-Phone than by getting to know his super hot fiance Brittany Mills, and dumps her almost immediately.

Jimmy Presnell tells his chosen lady Chelsea Blackwell that she’s being too needy and his runner up, mom Jessica Vestal hints that she may make a cameo to see if Jimmy will in fact need an Epi-Pen to save his life after reacting to her hotness and finally and most shockingly….

Jeramey Lutinski ditches Laura Dadisman to spend the night with his runner up Sarah Ann after coincidentally running in to her at a local bar.

Honestly I never had a good feeling about Jeramey. He just seems a little too desperate for attention and a little shady. Laura on the other hand seems a lot more grounded and straight forward

So the two move in to Jeramey’s immaculately clean condo—so clean, in fact, Laura jokes that his pad gives her “serial killer vibes”.

The two seem like they are really compatible until the end of episode eight, when Laura meets up with single mom and fellow castmate, Jessica Vestal and tells her that Sarah Ann sent Jeramey a DM saying that she’d love to meet him and says if he’s had any doubts about having chosen Laura over her, she is open to reigniting their spark.

In episode nine, Laura’s family comes over to meet Jeramey and her parents seem a little concerned. “You guys talk pretty harshly to each other sometimes,” Laura’s mom tells her.

And at the end of episode 9 we see Laura confront Jeramey after he had gone out with some of the guys from the show to a local bar and did not come home until 5am. After grilling him for a few minutes, she learns that Sarah Ann was at the bar and he confesses that they sat in the parking lot and talked til 5am, but thanks to a tracking app Laura can see he is still lying and that he actually spent the night with Sarah Ann at her house.

“I don’t have anything else to say,” Laura tells Jeramey. “I want out.”

And if you have an question about whether or not Jeramey Lutinski and Laura Dadisman are still together…the answer is a harn “no”.

Seems like the only hope at this point for a successful wedding is Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortés

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