Andi Dorfman disses Juan Pablo Galavis Fantasy Suite date

Watch out if you have ever dated 28-year-old Bachelorette Andi Dorfman. She is out for blood in her new book, It’s Not Okay, and not surprisingly she pulls no punches talking about her experience dating Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis. Obviously, there is clearly no love lost there between the two and no bridges left to burn. … Read more

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell break-up!

Wow! Try not to be too shocked Bachelor Nation but we have another break-up to report–season 18 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell. Actually, I am shocked they did not wait until the holidays when the break-ups usually occur. In fact it cracks me up how many contestants head to Neil Lane to return … Read more

Juan Pablo Galavis tells Nikki Ferrell he loves her

Baby Steps Bachelor Nation, baby steps. We have to just take things as they come with 32-year-old Juan Pablo Galavis who famously declared “I like you, don’t be cranky” to winner and potential fiancé-to-be Nikki Ferrell on The Bachelor Finale. And things only got worse on the AFTR episode where Juan Pablo would still not declare … Read more

Are Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis faking it?

So when Juan Pablo famously declared ‘I like you, don’t be cranky’ to winner Nikki Ferrell we knew this relationship may be in a tad bit of trouble. Not to mention the copius reports that Juan Pablo Galavis was still in love with his ex Carla Rodriguez and that he just did the show for the money and … Read more

Nikki Ferrell’s ex-boyfriend Ryan McDill speaks out on her new relationship

Ex-boyfriend Ryan McDill is speaking out! There is nothing like an ex-boyfriend to shed some light on a situation. Ok! I do not know where too begin here. First Juan Pablo ends the finale with the famous statement ‘I like you, don’t be cranky’ to winner Nikki Ferrell – no Neil Lane engagement ring. Then on The After … Read more

Nikki Ferrell’s ex-boyfriend wants her back


And the plot thickens. This has most definitely been the most bizarre season of The Bachelor ending in the most lukewarm declaration of ‘like’ in Bachelor history! Remember how Juan Pablo famously declared: ‘I like you, don’t be cranky’ to winner Nikki Ferrell — Not exactly earth-shattering like the Jef Holm-Emily Maynard Bryan Adam’s power ballad proposal. Of course … Read more

Is Nikki Ferrell already pregnant?

WHOA!!!! We just found out that JP and Ashley are pregnant and now we learn that there may be another Bachelor Nation baby on the way! A shocking new report in the April 7 issue of Life & Style magazine claims that Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell are trying to get pregnant!! Wow! Talk about a shotgun wedding! The … Read more

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell already in marriage counseling?

I love this update! So in perhaps the most anti-climatic Bachelor finale ever  Juan Pablo Galavis chooses contestant 26-year-old model and pediatric nurse Nikki Ferrell declaring, ‘I like you a lot’ and offered her a single red rose telling her ‘don’t be cranky’ in place of a $40,000 Neil Lane ring. So OBVIOUSLY fans are not as confident … Read more

Renee Oteri gets married to childhood friend Bracy Maynard

WHOAH!! We are only about 3 weeks out from watching Renee Oteri get dumped by Juan Pablo Galavis. During The Women Tell All we learned that the 32-year-old single mother from Seattle was engaged! And now 1 week after the finale we got news that she is now MARRIED!–to her best friend of 22 years Bracy Maynard. Renée confirmed her … Read more

Was Clare Crawley not the next Bachelorette because she slept with Juan Pablo?

So many people are wondering why runner-up Clare Crawley was not chosen by ABC to be The Bachelorette. Instead the network chose 26-year-old Georgia criminal attorney Andi Dorfman. Clare sort of redeemed herself on the finale when she walked out on Juan Pablo. Hollywood Life reports that Crawley was a contender to be the star of The Bachelorette … Read more