What went wrong in the production and casting of the 2nd season of Married at First Sight?

If you have finished watching the 2nd season of Married at First Sight you know it was a train wreck of epic proportions! The 3 women: Jessica Castro, 30, receptionist in Manhattan, N.Y., Jaclyn Methuen, 33, sales representative for a vodka brand in N.Y., and Davina Kullar, 34, biopharmaceutical sales rep in New York City seemed like excellent … Read more

Could Jaclyn Methuen and Ryan Ranellone get back together?


Needless to say …. this was the most dramatic season of A&E’s Married at First Sight. The Reunion Monday was shocking. Davina and Sean could barely stand to be in the same room together and their wedding photo kept crashing to the floor—–Jessica accuses her life partner Ryan of stealing from her and cheating on her–oh … Read more

Jaclyn Methuen & Ryan Ranellone divorce amid cheating rumors

On Part 1 of the Married at First Sight’ Season 2 Reunion it was clear that 2 out of the 3 couples had parted ways, but it was not clear if 30-year-old vodka brand sales representative Jaclyn Methuen, and 28-year-old Long Island real estate agent Ryan Ranellone had decided to part ways or not. Remember they seemed the … Read more

Who gave Ryan De Nino the Valentine’s Day card?

On the finale of Married at First Sight Jessica Castro and Ryan De Nino decided to stay married despite a rough start. On the Reunion it was clear that things had changed. Jessica sits down and takes a deep breath. She starts by letting the experts know that things have changed—that the minute the show … Read more

How much are the Married at First Sight contestants paid?

Don’t you often wonder why in the world regular people would allow cameras to follow them around and film their relationship? For example the 3 couples on A&E’s show Married at First Sight — who in their right mind would volunteer for this? And most importantly is their monetary compensation? Answer: YES! According to a … Read more

Sean Varricchio gay conspiracy

On Monday’s reunion episode of Married at First Sight 35-year-old Trauma nurse Sean Varricchio and 34-year-old biopharmaceutical sales rep Davina Kullar met up for the first time since their failed 6 week marriage. One very interesting piece of information to emerge from the Reunion was that they never consummated the marriage–in fact they were the only couple … Read more

Sean Varricchio and Davina Kullar talk sex, lies and being fake on the Reunion

On Monday’s reunion episode of A&E’s reality series Married at First Sight the three couples reunited 6 months after their on-screen weddings.  For one of the couples it was the first time they had seen one another since the show wrapped. That couple was 35-year-old Trauma nurse Sean Varricchio and 34-year-old biopharmaceutical sales rep Davina Kullar. Ironically … Read more

Jessica Castro says Ryan De Nino made death threats at Reunion

Yesterday news came out that Married at First Sight Season 2 star Jessica Castro had filed a restraining order against her husband of 6 months Ryan De Nino after he allegedly threatened to kill her and her family. The June 11 court filing claims De Nino, 29 said: “I will break you into f–king pieces,” and a petition … Read more

Jessica Castro accuses Ryan DeNino of cheating on MAFS reunion

Tonight was the Married at First Sight Season 2 reunion and we got to catch up with the 3 couples who decided to marry each other sight unseen several weeks earlier. One of the two couple who decided to stay together, Manhattan, receptionist Jessica Castro, 30 and Staten Island business owner Ryan De Nino, 29 after he allegedly threatened to … Read more

MAFS Jessica Castro files restraining order against Ryan De Nino

Just in time for the Married at First Sight Season 2 reunion a shoe has dropped in the budding relationship of Jessica Castro, 30 and Ryan De Nino, 29. The couple had enormous chemistry at first, but things quickly took a turn and the two began fighting about everything from Ryan cheating and stealing to Ryan accusing Jessica of … Read more