Situation: The Craig Robinson and Jackie Gordon Break Up

I am super glad we aren’t reporting that Craig Robinson sent Jackie Gordon a text message welcoming her to “Dumpsville. Population: You.” But, I am sad to report that as a fan and follower of Jackie Gordon on Facebook, she just recently changed her status from “in a relationship” to “single.”

Oh….the public broken heart Facebook situation. I remember the first time I saw a coworker of mine’s status change from “engaged” to “single.” Just like that. In my news feed. That’s the power (and heart-wrenching nature) of social media for ya.

It’s too bad about Craig and Jackie. Quite a few of you were rooting for them to make it in our poll:

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But, alas, it seems to be over. From Ames Brown to Craig Robinson, Jackie has had a lot of heartbreak to deal with in a very short amount of time. She even tweeted the following this evening: “Higher highs means lower lows apparently.”

We aren’t sure what the whole story is (as we likely shouldn’t since we’re complete strangers, but still…). We will let you know what we hear!

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2 thoughts on “Situation: The Craig Robinson and Jackie Gordon Break Up”

  1. IMO Chris Harrison doesn’t have a sincere bone in his body.

    As far as Jackie and Craig go, I am pretty sure he dumped her but I really don’t care. IMO, she seems like to cling type and he just drinks way to much for my taste.

    Bachelor peeps are weird as hell.


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