‘After the Final Rose’ will be LIVE due to a breaking situation!

Apparently a mega situation has occurred since the show finished taping that must be addressed on After the Final Rose, which lends itself to tons of potentially amazing possibilities. Remember Jason Mesnick’s season where the After the Rose show had to deal with such a serious and delicate situation that it had to be taped WITHOUT a live studio audience? Mesnick famously ditched choice number one Melissa for choice number two Molly in one of the most uncomfortable ATFR episodes in Bachelor history!

So is this a similar switch?

A: Is it true she is rejected by choice number one and he has changed his mind and wants a do-over?

B: Did she reject both guys and change her mind?

C: Did the guy she proposed to change his mind?

D: Is someone going to get married on the spot?

The possibilities are endless on this one.

Chris Harrison tweeted the recent announcement that the Season 8 July 22 “After the Final Rose” episode would air live instead of pre-taped.

So without revealing a spoiler (because we actually don’t know what happens),  Wetpaint is reporting one of the final three — Emily, Arie Luyendyk, Jr., and Jef Holm — has had “lingering feelings” that need to be addressed.

According to them, producers are doing the show live to prevent leaks and that neither Emily, Arie, nor Jef know exactly what will happen.

When Is the Bachelorette 2012 Finale for Emily Maynard’s Season 8?

Sunday, July 22, 2012 at 8pm on ABC

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