Erica Rose talks plastic surgery, botox and reality Television

Erica Rose is one of our all time faves. The Bachelor alum diva is absolutely shameless in her pursuits of self-promotion and D-list celebrity fame — I mean the girl did wear a tiara the entire time she was on the Bachelor Rome in 2008. There is nothing this girl won’t do.

Remember Bachelor Pad 2 and her aggressive pursuit of Bachelor Jake and her obsession with his package? She is brutally honest and not afraid of the “over-share”. So it makes perfect sense that she is talking to the media about botox, plastic surgery and shameless self-promotion.

Her father is Dr. Franklin Rose, Board certified Houston plastic surgeon. In fact her father performed plastic surgery on a contestant from Jake Pavelka’s season Ella Nolan (also on the Pad 2). Dr. Rose is also a Television professional. He has been featured on Dr. Phil and MTV’s I Want a Famous Face.

Photo: Erica Rose
The Bachelor Rome 2008
Source: LA’s The Place

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