The Sarah Herron arm situation on The Bachelor

Now that a few details on Bachelor Sean Lowe’s ladies have leaked prior to this Monday night’s Big Premiere, many are curious about one Bachelor contestant in particular: Sarah Herron, who reportedly was born without a full left arm.

Now, I try to avoid reading too many spoilers, but I did accidentally read one tidbit that I’m hoping isn’t correct: that Sean takes Sarah Herron on the classic two-people-rappelling-off-of-a-tall-building date this season. I mean….seriously, ABC?

Again, maybe this information isn’t accurate and perhaps it’s just Internet rumor mill stuff, but man alive!

If it is true, perhaps the spin will be something about treating her just as he would anyone else and/or something about providing her with an opportunity to prove to all of us skeptical viewers at home that although rappelling down a building with two arms looks freaking difficult, she is just that badass that she can do it with one.

I really hope (again, if it’s true) that it is for some sort of really awesome, inspirational reason and not just Bachelor producers attempting to the jump the shark with some sort of low-brow ploy.

We shall see!

I, for one, am really rooting for Sarah.

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