Serious situation: Tierra LiCausi falls down stairs

We definitely love it when things “get real” on The Bachelor, especially when the cameramen and boom mic operators break the 4th wall of Television and have to enter frame to deal with a serious breaking situation. So tonight we got just that (although we don’t want anyone to get injured) when Tierra LiCausi, the 24-year-old leasing consultant from Las Vegas, took a severe tumble down the Bachelor mansion stairs right at the moment Sean walked in (I’m surprised it took 17 seasons for this to happen). And alas, despite the dramatic previews, Tierra took the tumble on her own without being pushed by another amazing lady.

But it wouldn’t be The Bachelor if someone wasn’t getting hauled off in an ambulance….anyone remember way back to season one when one lady hyperventilated after getting rejected by the Bachelor and had to be hauled away in an ambulance? Since then it’s been one ambulance/amazing lady situation after another.

AshLee the personal organizer says this about the situation:

“I’m in the kitchen waiting for Sean to come and we hear a big bang in the house. Tierra took a big fall and she just looks totally out of it. I just pray and hope that she’s okay.”

In case you missed the dramatic fall here are some pics of the serious situation…..



Tierra-LiCausi-after-falling-down-stairs1 Tierra-on-stretcher



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