Why we are in love with ‘Bachelor’ parody ‘Burning Love’: Episode 1

Jake Pavelka and Ashley Ann Vickers at the Burning Love Premiere
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If you haven’t seen the Internet sensation ”Burning Love” yet, then you absolutely must watch it immediately!

I dare say the show may even be better than The Bachelor itself. It manages to capture the essence of the ridiculousness of the long-running reality show to perfection. Undoubtedly, after 16 seasons, the time for a parody is long overdue. So comedy genius Ben Stiller had years of material to draw from in this amazing web series!!


UPDATE 2/14/2013


Burning Love Season 2 JUST started!!!


It’s hard to know where to begin, but I guess it all starts with The Bachelor intro of actor Ken Marino the self-absorbed, sort of special needs firefighter running in his firefighter outfit without a shirt, but with suspenders (The Bachelor always showcases a gratuitous shirtless shot in the intro). It goes without saying that no real fireman would be running to a fire without a shirt, or striking a sexy pose in front of a house while it was burning. And the ridiculousness only gets better from there.

Comedian Michael Ian Black nails the Chris Harrison hand gestures as he prepares Mark (Ken Marino) for the incoming limo of ladies. (BTW if you haven’t seen our breakdown of Chris Harrison hand gestures and situation poses you must!) So the limos arrive in typical dramatic fashion. Each limo shot is juxtaposed with the ridiculous Bachelor soundtrack. The drama as the limo door opens has viewers glued to their seats in anticipation of each amazing lady as the landing gears (high-heeled pumps) land and each girl exits the limo — which is why this scene is so amazing.

The first few ladies all have careers as “Dental Hygienists,” which, if you have watched the last 16 seasons of The Bachelor, you are aware of the inordinate number of dental careers held by these amazing ladies. Even the 90-year-old grandma contestant is a retired “dental hygienist.” HA! Then, our personal favorite, contestant Haley, the girl with no pants or panties who is a “Salon Hair Washer” steps out of the limo ready to get the party started telling Mark: “I like to lay all my cards out on the table.” Amazing!

Then, actress Kristen Bell emerges from the limo — playing an amazing lady that is a devout Christian — saying: “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m already in a committed relationship….with God.” Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!

Then Willow, the Actor Ken Marino is shown in this publicity photo from the web series ''Burning Love'' released to Reuters June 4, 2012. Yahoo! stokes the flames of Internet media with a new attempt at bringing a TV-like show to the Web on Monday with the launch of ''Burning Love,'' a comedy spoof of reality show ''The Bachelor'' that has the backing of Ben Stiller. Produced with Paramount's Insurge Pictures and Stiller's Red Hour Productions, the series is a succession of 7 to 10-minute episodic shorts that parody the popular reality competition in which women vie for the affection of a single man. REUTERS/Robyn Van Swank/Handouthomeless girl, exits the limo and zooms past the Bachelor to get into a warm place with food and drink.  The blind girl, who happens to be a photographer, then exits with her walking stick (later in the episode, she shows Mark her photography, which is a series of blurry photos of the ground).

The show packs an all-star cast, even showcasing a cameo by Jennifer Aniston in a panda suit who wants the Bachelor to fall in love with her for her, not just for her looks (reminiscent of the guy in Ashley Hebert’s season that wore a mask).

There is a transvestite, a closeted lesbian, a desperate DA that has done extensive research on the Bachelor and knows his social security number. The entire 8 minutes and 37 seconds is packed with brilliant commentary. I love the cocktail party and how ladies keep coming up to interrupt each other and steal the Bachelor. And I love the girl that proclaims to the Bachelor: “I really miss you, I miss you so much.”

This show is so amazing….I don’t want it to ever end!!!

Unfortunately Yahoo took down the ninja copies of Burning Love 1 on the internet but you can still watch burning Love 2 and Burning Down the House on the links below.

BTW, don’t forget to watch Burning Love Burning Down the House. It is pretty amazing!



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