Tierra LiCausi engagement ends

Tierra LiCausi shocked Bachelor fans by getting engaged a mere 7 days after she was rejected on the show. Tierra tweeted a pic revealing her engagement ring days later to fiance Tyler.

But apparently the Reality star/amazing dramatic actress who THREW HERSELF DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS FOR LOVE for Sean Lowe has ended her engagement to her post-Bachelor fiance.

According to Wetpaint, “It’s not a recent split,” ….”It happened a few months ago.”

They also revealed a bit more about how Tierra became engaged so quickly after breaking up with Sean Lowe.

“As she was leaving St. Croix, the producers gave her cell phone back to her and she found a hundred emails and phone calls from him,” Tyler explained shortly after the engagement. “He happened to be calling again at the moment she got her phone, she answered, and they agreed they would meet in Denver.”

Well, hopefully Tierra will have a new boyfriend very soon.

The Tierra LiCausi Situation

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