How much are Sean Lowe and fiance Catherine Giudici getting paid for their wedding?

Ok, so everyone knows about the upcoming nuptials of Bachelor Sean Lowe and fiance Catherine Giudici.

Sean, 29, and Catherine, 27, will tie  the knot on Jan. 26, 2014, in a televised ABC special.

So of course the BIG question is:

How much are Sean Lowe and fiance Catherine Giudici getting paid for their wedding ?

Well, the two are getting an astounding sum to marry in front of the Bachelor Nation…..

Drumroll please……..

They will be paid……

$250,000 !!!!

According to E News the two will be paid this six-figure sum to walk down the aisle in front of millions of people on ABC next year.

Additionally ABC will pay for the million-dollar wedding–although one of my favorite details of Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum wedding was how ABC totally cheaped out on the guests as soon as the cameras stopped rolling!!!

Apparently ABC would only pay for cocktails ’til 8pm!! So all the guests who arrived without cash could not purchase cocktails! What a situation! Come on ABC! Spring for some celebratory cocktails!!

“They’re making roughly the same amount as [Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum],” a production source says.

Ashley and J.P. were also paid $250,000 for their wedding.

Obviously since ABC is footing the bill the guest list will probably include a number of former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars (let’s be honest, these people would never be invited if this was a regular wedding) and Chris Harrison will be officiating!!! YES!!! Chris Harrison will be handling the nuptials in the most professional manner. Additionally we have a Bachelor alumn Lesley Murphy, as one of the 12 bridesmaids.

Production is reportedly already underway!

“They’ve shot some footage, a little peek into their everyday lives,” E News source says.

“We definitely wanted to take the more traditional route,” Sean explained to Access Hollywood. “That’s something to really look forward to once our big day gets here. We are going to start our lives together and we are going to move in together.”

So with so much money at stake I am not entirely convinced this relationship is real. So my guess is either the two are faking it for the cash sans ABC or the two are faking it for the cash in concert with ABC. After all ABC REALLY needs a “Bachelor” to finally wed!


I don’t mean to be skeptical of ABCs FIRST successful Bachelor wedding, I am just not holding my breath. My guess is there is a contract and the two will break up in a year or so. Let’s hope I’m wrong about this situation.

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