Juan Pablo Galavis brings lots of latino flavor to Bachelor season 18

Juan Pablo Galavis will star in season 18 of the ABC reality-television dating competition The Bachelor scheduled to premiere on January 6th, 2014. The single dad / professional soccer player will be the first Latino to lead the show.

“There’s going to be a lot of Latino things in the show,” Galavis told People magazine. “It’s going to be a lot of food, a lot of dancing, a lot of stuff. It’s going to be so different. You’re going to love it.”

His ex-girlfriend / baby-mama is also Latina.

Her name is model and an actress Carla Rodriguez. Not surprisingly she is a model and an actress.

Carla stars in the Miami, Florida-based Spanish language telenovela Valeria–afterall The Bachelor really is one big telenovela–so it’s about time the show had a little Latino flavor.

Carla Rodriguez is currently single and has never been married.

Galavis made it a point not to include his daughter in the show.




Credit: Juan Pablo Galavis on Instagram



“I don’t need approval from her; she’s going to be 5. When I’m dating on a regular basis, whenever possible, I introduce my girlfriend as a friend of Daddy’s. I don’t tell her, ‘This is my girlfriend.’ We don’t hold hands, we don’t kiss, we don’t sleep over, we don’t do anything in front of my daughter. I don’t want her to grow up seeing [that]. Obviously if I’m getting married, I would be like, ‘This is the one [who] could be your stepmom. Camila’s not going to watch the show. It’s not worth involving her in the process of daddy going out with 27 women,” Galavis explained.


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