ABC announces Juan Pablo Galavis ladies for Bachelor 2014

Ok! We finally have our OFFICIAL ABC list of Juan Pablo Galavis ladies for The Bachelor 2014 season 18 of the ABC reality-television dating competition scheduled to premiere on January 6th, 2014.

Names are always leaked as the season is being filmed so we had almost all of the amazing ladies documented earlier, but now we have an ABC approved list of the 27 ladies for the 32-year-old Venezuelan soccer player.

This season the amazing lady list includes an NBA dancer, a local news reporter, a personal banker, a professional model, a legal assistant, an opera singer from Germany, a “dog lover”? and so on — no VIP cocktail waitresses this season though!

Here is the full list of contestants plus some of the official pictures.

Alexis, 24, communications director, Tampa


Alli Restko

Alli , 26, nanny, Chicago
Amy J., 31, massage therapist, Los Angeles
Amy L., 27, local news reporter, Orlando


Andi Dorfman

Andi, 26, federal prosecutor, Atlanta

Ashley Poe

Ashley, 25, grade school teacher, Dallas
Cassandra, 21, former NBA dancer, Rochester Hills, Mich.
Chantel, 27, account manager, San Diego

Chelsie, 24, science educator, Columbus, Ohio
Christine, 23, police support specialist, Miami
Christy, 24, marketing manager, Chicago


Clare Crawley

Clare, 32, hairstylist, Sacramento
Danielle, 25, psychiatric nurse, St. Louis
Elise, 27, first grade teacher, Forty Fort, Pa.


Kat Hurd

Kat, 29, medical sales rep, Scottsdale, Ariz.
Kelly, 27, dog lover, Atlanta


Kylie Lewis

Kylie, 23, interior designer, Rockford, Ill.
Lacy, 25, nursing home owner, La Jolla, Calif.
Lauren H., 25, mineral coordinator, Oklahoma City


Lauren Solomon

Lauren S., 26, music composer, Austin, Texas

Lucy, 24, free spirit, Santa Barbara, Calif.


Maggie, 24, personal banker, North Augusta, S.C.


Nikki Ferrell

Nikki, 26, pediatric nurse, Kansas City, Mo.


Renee Oteri

Renee, 32, real estate agent, Sarasota, Fla.


Sharleen Joynt

Sharleen, 29, opera singer, Heidelberg, Germany
Val, 26, personal trainer, Sutter, Calif.
Victoria, 24, legal assistant, Boca Raton, Fl.

Bios page

The Bachelor season 18 premieres Monday, Jan. 6 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Here is a list of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for the ladies.

Chelsie Webster:
Facebook – Chelsie Webster
Twitter – @ChelsieRene
Instagram – Chelsiewebby

Andi Dorfman:
Facebook – Andi Dorfman
Twitter – @AndiDorfman
Instagram – Andi_Dorfman

Sharleen Joynt:
Facebook – Sharleen Joynt
Twitter – @Sharleenjoynt
Instagram – Sharleenjoynt

Nikki Ferrell:
Facebook – Nikki Ferrell (still not turned on as of 11/16)
Twitter – @Nikki_Ferrell
Instagram – Nikki_Ferrell

Clare Crawley:
Facebook – Clare Crawley
Twitter – @Clare_Crawley
Instagram – ClareCrawley

Kat Hurd:
Facebook – Kat Hurd
Twitter – @KatHurd
Instagram – KatHurd

Alli Restko:
Facebook – Alli Restko
Twitter – @alligal77
Instagram – Alligal77

Kelly Travis:
Facebook – Kelly Travis
Twitter – @KellyTravisty
Instagram – KellyTravisty

Lauren Solomon:
Facebook – Lauren Solomon
Twitter – @LaurenSol
Instagram – LaurenSol

Amy Long:
Facebook – Amy Long
Twitter – @AmyLong7117
Instagram – AmyLong7117

Renee Oteri:
Facebook – Renee Oteri
Twitter – @ReneeOteri
Instagram – FloridaRay18

Lucy Aragon:
Facebook – Lucy Aragon
Twitter – @LucyAragon
Instagram – LucyAragon

Danielle Ronco:
Facebook – Danielle Ronco
No Twitter as of 11/16
Instagram – Dannironc

Chantel Forrest:
No Facebook as of 11/16
Twitter – @ChantiRella
Instagram – ChantiRella

Elise Mosca:
Facebook – Elise Mosca
Twitter – @EliseMosca (still not turned back on as of 11/16)
Instagram – EliseMosca

Cassandra Ferguson:
Facebook – Cassandra Ferguson
No Twitter as of 11/16
Instagram – CassandraFergie

Christy Hansen:
Facebook – Christy Hansen
Twitter – @Christyhansen_
Instagram – ChristyHansen

Victoria Lima:
Facebook – Victoria Lima
Twitter – @KittenAstrology
Instagram – VictoriaLima88

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