What religion is Sean Lowe? Baptist Christian

We just watched the beautiful wedding of Sean Lowe, 30, and Catherine Giudici, 27, at The Biltmore hotel in Santa Barbara hosted by Chris Harrison and officiated by Sean’s dad Jay Lowe.

Religion and faith in God were a big part of the ceremony. Sean’s groomsmen started with a prayer and Sean’s dad ended the ceremony with a prayer. Jesus was in attendance along with many Bachelor alumni so people are curious about Sean’s religion. Obviously he is Christian, but Christianity has many different subsets. The EXACT answer to that question is…..he is Baptist.

Catherine attend the Plymouth Park Baptist Church in Irving, Texas headed by Pastor Ken Branam. Sean Lowe has been an active Christian since the 6th grade, and is a member of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes. His dad is an ordained minister. In fact his father Jay baptized Catherine earlier last month.

Baptists are Christians who believe that baptism should be performed only for professing believers–aka you have to be an adult to be baptized and that it must be done by complete immersion (as opposed to sprinkling). Baptist churches are typically considered  Protestant churches.

And remember Sean is also born again virgin.

God was even a big part of their wedding vows tonight. Catherine said tearfully.

“You’re my dream and my reality, my future and my present, my whole heart and my best friend…I thank God for bringing you to me and igniting that light. I can’t wait to shine together and make everybody completely blind.”

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