Emily Maynard speaks at a church sermon on sexual purity and Hollywood

Well it’s no secret that Bachelorette star Emily Maynard is a Christian. Emily has been quite vocal about her faith in God since starring on the prime-time show. In fact she even met her new fiancé Tyler Johnson at the Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, NC long before she met teen Dreamboat Jef Holm.

So this latest update about her speaking at a sermon is not a surprise, but quite intriguing given the stark juxtaposition between the world of lustful primetime Hollywood and the squeaky clean conservative Christian community.

Although, I have to say Emily’s season was one of the most G-rated seasons in Bachelor history.

Emily Maynard spoke to the audience about why her latest engagement is different from her first three (well to start Chris Harrison has not been there to guide her through this journey and she did not begin with 25 men).

Last Sunday, Maynard and new fiance, Tyler Johnson, talked with Forest Hill Church pastor David Chadwick as part of his sermon.

Emily told Rev. David Chadwick and his congregation that before, she believed that love was all about emotions and romantic gestures. But now, she says, a relationship with God should come first.

The sermon was on sexual purity and the important differences between the Hollywood depiction of romance and biblical views.

WHOA!!! That’s a big topic for Ms. Maynard after her 9 week full immersion in prime time Hollywood romance production!

The Charlotte Observer reported:

During the sermon, Maynard claimed that she was overwhelmed with humiliation after her experience on The Bachelorette.

emily-churchShe said despite the tragedy of losing ex Ricky Hendrick, she “never felt lonelier” than when she returned home from the show.

Chadwick says “No one knows that Emily was in the fetal position for three weeks because she was so humiliated at what her life had become”.

Emily claims that that struggle brought her closer to God and the church. “I had made that my idol: Being chosen by another person, not Jesus.”

Emily actually met Johnson at church long before she appeared on The Bachelorette and commented on the irony of finding her soul mate right down the street only to “meet the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with at the church down the street.”


Photo: Emily Maynard, center, with her fiance, Tyler Johnson, left, and Forest Hill Church pastor David Chadwick, right, spoke at the church Sunday. The couple met through the church.

Source: Charlotte Observer

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