Who is Andi Dorfman’s family?

Andi Dorfman seriously grilled Juan Pablo on the witness stand re: his bad manners and his inexcusable narcissistic behavior during week 8 of the show. She ended by walking off the show. But it paid off because producers loved her feisty attitude and how serious she took the ‘process’! And they asked her to lead the next season of The Bachelorette.

Andi Dorfman and her mom Source: Twitter
Andi Dorfman and her mom
Source: Twitter

The 26-year-old Georgia criminal attorney Andy Smith Dorfman was born to father Hy Lewis Dorfman, 54, and mother Patti Smith Dorfman, 56.

Both parents live in Alpharetta, GA.

Hy attended the University of Georgia – Terry College of Business and is a HUGE Georgia Bulldogs football fan. He is President of Paymaster Business Machines.

A source tells us that Andi Dorfman has a sister named Rachel Diner who is married to Elie J Diner and lives here in SD!–Solana Beach to be exact (the two married a year ago).

Rachel graduated from San Francisco State Grad school with a degree in Biology in 2013. She used to work for the Surfrider Foundation.

Andi has a cousin Allison Yarrow, a journalist and filmmaker in New York City, daughter of Patti Dorfman’s sister.

Andy graduated in 2009 from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science and Communications, in 2012 got her J.D from Wake Forest University of Law and currently works as a prosecutor at Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.

We also know she has a very rich uncle, Scott Dorfman, 56.

Andi’s entrepreneurial uncle is an incredibly successful and wealthy businessman in Atlanta, Scott Dorfman — He is the founder of Atlanta-based Innotrac Corp. In 2002 we know he was worth an estimated 30 million dollars. Scott made his fortune selling caller identification devices.

Uncle Scott loves his brother Hy. In 2001, Innotrac paid $1,083,345 in fees to Harp Ink, and Harp Ink is owned by Hy Dorfman and his wife Patty.

Patti is Principal at HARP business services INC.

Andi Dorman and sister Rachel in San Diego
Andi Dorman and sister Rachel in San Diego

Here’s a bit more info on the family’s estimated wealth.

The family is Jewish.

Andi Dorfman’s sister Rachel Diner




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