Eric Hill Bachelorette 2014: Bio, Photos, Twitter

Eric Hill Bachelorette 2014: Bio

Name: Eric Hill

Full Name: Eric Jonathan Hill

Age: 32

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah / Citrus Heights, California

Education: Graduated from Brigham Young University in 2005 with a B.S. in Human Biology.

Religion: Mormon

Family: Eric has 4 brothers and a sister

Father: Dr. David Hill, a professor and Counselor at Folsom Lake College

Mother: Dana Hill, Business owner

Brother: Brian Hill, 29, Scott Hill, 36, Brett Hill, 22 , Darren Hill

Sister: Karen Tracy, 34

Height: 6’0″
Shoe Size:

Occupation: Eric is currently filming a documentary, “The Global Odyssey”, where he is trying to break the world record for visiting all 195 U.N. recognized countries by 2016. So far he has been to over 50, among which France, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Maui, Italy, Finland, Sudan, Burndi, Egypt, Guatemala, Somalia…

This begs the question: Where is the money coming from to fund the documentary? My guess: U.S. State Dept. I’m not suggesting Eric is aware of the less than philanthropic goals of the organization at all, but I can’t believe that this extremely expensive venture is being funded by $5 or $10 donations. This is a BIG BIG undertaking and I think the website perhaps reveals the true motives:

Eric’s journey will be one of full cultural immersion, while simultaneously raising funds and awareness in partnership with a variety of charity organizations.”

The partnership with global charity orgs is key. I hope people understand by now how these NGOs like The Clinton Initiative and George Soros’ Open Society, WWF and Bill Gates organization are nothing more than vessels for global control under the guise of love, peace, human rights, education, democracy, charity, etc. Always follow the money.

But I digress. I’m sure Eric is a good guy. In fact he runs in the same Salt Lake City circles as Brooks Forester and our favorite teen dream Jef Holm and is actually friends with Brooks.

UPDATE: 4/23/2014 Sadly Eric Hill has died in a paragliding accident in Utah today.

Eric was hospitalized in critical condition Sunday, after his parachute apparently collapsed while paragliding in Utah.

“Friends: Eric has been in a horrible paragliding accident and is currently in critical condition in a coma,” a Facebook update for his organization, The Global Odyssey, read.

Today his sister Karen Tracy shared the update.

“Eric shared his final journey with us this morning as all his immediate family were able to be at his side when he passed away,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

It remains to be seen how ABC will handle this difficult situation…



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Source: Eric Hill
Source: Eric Hill


Eric Hill
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Eric Hill paragliding in Italy
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Funeral Services for Eric Hill were held Saturday, April 26th in Salt Lake City.

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