Nikki Ferrell blasts Trista Sutter on Twitter

Season 1 ex-Bachelorette Trista Sutter spoke with Life & Style magazine about Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo’s bizarre relationship. Trista told the magazine that she thinks Nikki will need to have a “heart-to-heart” with Juan Pablo about whether he really wants to be with her.

“But I don’t know if that’s the case,” Trista clarified to Life & Style. “I can’t speak to their personal relationship, I can only honestly with them the best, and hope that if they do get married, that they’re doing it because they love each other and they want to spend the rest of their life with each other.”

Nikki fired back on Twitter:

“You’re right @tristasutter you can’t ‘speak to our relationship’ because you don’t know either one of us. But thank you for playing #juststop.”

We praised Trista for her diplomacy and her superb situation handling skills so I’d give the ex Bachelorette a little slack and would not assume that she was attacking Nikki or JP. This relationship is too big of a situation for any of us to handle!


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