Courtney Robertson and Bachelor secrets: STD testing, sex, condoms, and why she broke up with Ben

Courtney Robertson “won” the heart of Bachelor Ben Flajnik on season 16 of The Bachelor and the two got engaged in January 2012 on the season finale but broke up 10 months later in October of 2012.

Courtney came out swinging at show producers famously claiming that she was brainwashed by them to fall for Ben. She also announced that she would be writing a tell-all book about her experience on the show!

So we are less than a week away from the big release and Courtney is slowly letting some nuggets out. One of the biggest questions I have always had was about whether or not contestants were tested for STDs! I mean with all this Fantasy Suite time, you don’t want to get to the Fantasy Suite only to discover that The Bachelor or one of his top ladies has a serious case of the herpes or genital warts.  

So Courtney answered the ‘burning’ question about STDs and let us know that producers do test for them in her book I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain.

She told ET contestants had to take a 150 question test:

“I had a bad feeling about it, because it’s unnatural,” …… “You know, like STD testing, psych tests.”

Contestant, 29-year-old poker dealer, Leslie Hughes also disclosed that the show forces contestants to take STD tests calling the tests “crazy”.

Courtney Robertson also answered another important question: Were the contestants given condoms on the overnight dates?

“They just weren’t there. I mean, maybe he had them, but it didn’t come up,” Courtney revealed. “And I didn’t think at the time, I don’t know. I mean me being naive, I just assumed he didn’t do anything with anyone else.” (Hmmmm that seems to implicate that they did not use protection?)

ben-courtney-bachelor-finaleRobertson also confirmed that The Bachelor has a resident psychologist.

She also gave us a few nuggets on production lingo:

Robertson writes a “10-2” means a contestant “needs to go number two,” and in a futile attempt to keep the finale results under wraps (doesn’t work with Reality Steve and his NSA contacts!), everyone called Ben “William” in public, and both Robertson and Lindzi Cox went by “Kate Hilton.” Courtney and Ben were even given fake names and email accounts to chat before the finale aired (this seems like a given).

And finally the big question:

Why did Courtney and Ben breaking up?

“There was a lot of different reasons,” she told ET. “To sum it up we were just very different. I never felt like a priority.”

Courtney disses Ben even more in the book.

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