Tasos Hernandez joins cast of Bachelor in Paradise

Good news Bachelor Nation another cast member of Bachelor in Paradise has been leaked and it’s none other than 30-year-old Wedding Event Coordinator and male stripper extraordinaire from Denver, CO, Tasos Hernandez!!!

We were devastated watching Tasos tearful limo goodbye on episode 4 of The Bachelorette. He was sooooo cute and bummed about getting the boot!

Tasos was clearly looking for love and now he gets a second chance.

Tasos will join fellow cast-offs Marquel Martin, Cody Sattler, and Dylan Petitt in Mexico. According to Reality Steve, he will actually join the cast during Episode 6 so his time will be short but plenty of time to find a life partner! RS claims that he goes on a 1-on-1 date with Christy Hansen (whom I’ve already forgotten!)from Juan Pablo Galavis’ season.

Ohhhh, well we will see how Bachelor in Paradise goes but I don’t think it bodes well that I don’t remember who half of these contestants are ABC!! What happened? Was the weatherman from Jillian’s season busy?

Here is the rest of the cast….

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