Who is Mario Singer’s mistress Kasey Dexter?

Kasey Dexter is the 32 Personal Trainer from New York City who allegedly had an affair with 60-year-old NYC businessman Mario Singer which ended his 21-year marriage to wife Ramona Singer and she is a serious situation!

First off, Kasey has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from LSU and was on LSU’s Division one Women’s Soccer Team 2000-2004.

Secondly, she is a situation….

Mario is not the first married man she has romped around with.

Kasey Dexter Source: Facebook
Kasey Dexter
Source: Facebook

She filed a lawsuit against her previous employer George Peters in December of 2013 which sheds a little light on who she is.

Page Six reported that Kasey Dexter filed a lawsuit against the gym La Palestra and her former boss George Peters because she contends that he only hired her because he wanted to sleep with her….and apparently he did!

But I’m sort of wondering how Kasey has grounds to sue him given it was a very consensual relationship? I am also wondering if this court case is the reason the affair with Mario came to light?

So Kasey, apparently did not have a valid personal training license when she was hired, and was required to “trail” Peters per court documents.

And the two then entered into a “consensual sexual relationship.”

Allegedly Peters “would ask [Dexter] to have sex with him on various pieces of equipment and training tables at La Palestra,” and “Even though the sexual relationship was consensual, [Dexter] still hesitated and/or protested having sex on the equipment,” but her boss “would convince [her] to have sex on the equipment because he was the manager and could make [Dexter] a great trainer.”

Kasey Dexter Source: Facebook
Kasey Dexter
Source: Facebook

Kasey contends that the relationship “became very intense” and she “started to become increasingly infatuated/in-love” with Peters. Kasey further admits that she “developed an unhealthy obsession with him.”

This sounds a tad bit Borderline Personality Disorder to me. The girl probably comes on very strong and probably came on very strong to Mario.

Anyhoo, George ended things because he was … married! And Dexter was rushed to the Lenox Hill Hospital emergency room for severe panic attacks as a result.

In fact Kasey “voluntarily checked herself into St. Luke’s Psychiatric Ward,” for 10 days in September 2012.

Kasey also dated Million Dollar Listing New York star Ryan Serhant.

So despite boatloads of therapy and a cease and desist letter against Kasey, Mario appears to have returned to Kasey’s arms.

Mario and Kasey were reportedly spotted at brunch in New York City last weekend which was likely the fuel that prompted Ramona to post that tweet yesterday.

Soooo, this is shaping up to be a serious situation…

Update 3/26/2015: Patti Stanger claims she “Was There That Night Mario Singer Cheated” on Ramona

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